Passive Cabinet Cooling, Peltier Controller, Thermal Imaging, Variable Optical Attenuator
Passive Cabinet Cooling, Peltier Controller, Thermal Imaging, Variable Optical Attenuator
Eco Cool – Unique Passive Cooling
Our newest family of heat exchangers delivers highly efficient and eco-friendly passive cooling solutions for industries such as food & beverage, waste water and automation.
Heat inside the enclosure is circulated through internal fins by a fan. The increase in fin temperature causes the heat transfer from the internal to the external fins.
•  Cooling Performance at +20 °C ΔT:  980 W
•  Protection:  IP52, IP66
•  Fans available in: 230 VAC, 12, 24, 48 VDC
•  Size (H x W x D): 36 cm x 33 cm x 23 cm
Temperature Controller, Peltier Controller
Featuring a complete mechanical enclosure with mounting holes, this new temperature controller 5R9-355 is operated by user friendly keypad menu selections and a vivid LCD display. Functionally, the controller offers dual open drain output and a PID control algorithm as well as communication via TTL and USB.

•  Output DC voltage: 0 V to 36 V
•  Load current: 0,1 A to 15 A per channel. Total 18 A max.
•  Temperature resolution: 0,01 °C
•  Temperature range: -40 °C to +250 °C
IR Thermal Imaging Products
AMS Technologies introduces new LWIR, MWIR and SWIR fixed focal length assemblies in addition to molded, low cost, athermal LWIR fixed focal length assemblies. The lens assemblies are suitable for applications ranging from general thermal imaging and security to defense and homeland security to night vision automotive applications.

Our IR lens kits provide a common thermal imaging module that enables the customer to build an infrared objective that meets his specific requirements.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated windows were developed to protect imaging modules against harsh environments and are the toughest coatings available today.
Co-Axial Variable Optical Attenuator
Our new Co-Axial Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is based on the latest technics in laser welding for achieving superior reliability and smallest size. The 3.5 mm diameter VOA works with an electrostatic MEMS mirror and comes in a TO 33 housing.
Hermetically sealed and Helium leak tested, the VOA assembly is laser welded; it can withstand harsh environmental conditions up to +150 °C.

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