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 Martinsried 19.07.2011
With this new issue of the AMS Technologies Newsletter, I am pleased to present you articles illustrating the wide range of solutions that AMS Technologies offers its clients; solutions that combine products, services, and customer process know-how. We already launched our new web site in June, your feedback is very welcome.

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Jan Brubacher
Marketing Manager
AMS Technologies introduces smallest recirculating chiller or cooler commercially available today
AMS Technologies introduces new Oasis Air-Cooled Liquid Recirculating Chiller Controls from 160 - 190W Heat Loads for low light CCD camera, diode lasers, medical equipment and laboratory equipment.
Oasis is available with a 160-190 Watt capacity, well below the economical range of refrigerant-based chillers. Because electrons transfer the heat, Oasis responds nearly instantaneously to changes in load. The digital PID temperature controller holds to ≤ +0.1 °C, even near ambient.
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AMS Technologies presents next generation FirstGuard handheld Raman analyzer
First Raman platform in the world to offer 532, 785 or 1064 nm excitation wavelengths
The FirstGuardTM greatly reduces analysis costs and overall overhead. As no contact or sample preparation is needed, materials can be analyzed through plastic bags, blister packs, glass containers or plastic drums improving worker safety from exposure to hazardous chemicals during inspection.
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AMS Technologies introduces benchtop laser source for R&D lab environments
The ORION™ Laser Source is based on the proven performance of RIO’s ORION™ product series.
The ORION™ laser source is ideally positioned as the best ease-of-use system for a multiple of lab-orientated applications where absolute accuracy, stability, lifetime reliability and high resolution are vital, such as remote sensing, distributed temperature, strain, or acoustic fiber optic monitoring, LIDAR and other precision metrology applications.
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New single laser diode controller
SDC-series diode controller is a complete solution for single laser diode driving. The module combines both diode driver (current source) and bi-polar temperature controller (TEC) into one board. The module may be supplied in two modifications differing with output currents: 200 mA modification (PCB only) and 1 A modification (PCB mounted onto a heatsink).
More information about laser diode controller
Gold and Aluminum Coated Fiber
Metal coated/buffered fibers were originally developed for ultra high reliability telecommunications applications. The metal coating preserves the high initial mechanical strength and provides resistance against static fatigue (the failure under long term tensile loading), and in particular Aluminum, a hermetic coating to the fiber. In addition to high strength, metal coated fibers can be used at very high temperatures. Aluminum coated optical fibers have a rated operating range of -269°C to +400°C. Tight buffered Gold coated fibers have a rated operating range of -269°C to +700°C.
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