Distribution agreement between AMS Technologies and Duma Optronics
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Distribution agreement between AMS Technologies and Duma Optronics
AMS Technologies and Duma Optronics signed a pan-European distribution agreement for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, East Europe, France, Italy, Spain, UK and Ireland. Duma Optronics portfolio includes accessories for beam analysis systems, optical beam positioning, alignment measurement systems, electronic autocollimators and multi-channel power meters.
New 1.4 Megapixel CCD Beam Profiler Monitors Multiple Beams’ Centroids
AMS Technologies presents the DUMA Optronics High Resolution Laser Beam Profiler (1.4 Mega pixel) with motorized filter wheel (Software and ActiveX controlled).
The BeamOn HR system is a complete beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement of CW or Pulsed laser beams. It provides laser beam parameters, such as: beam width, shape, position, power, and intensity profiles.
Image: BeamOn HR automatic motorized filter wheel (AFW) from DUMA Optronics enables optimization setting of electronics parameters, and enlarging dynamic range.
Avo Photonics Chosen by Aerospace to Produce Spaceborne Laser Beacon for CubeSat Satellites
The Aerospace Corporation has chosen our partner Avo Photonics, industry leader in rugged, micro-optic design and production, to develop and provide ongoing packaging services for a semiconductor laser illumination source for use on CubeSat miniaturized spaceborne satellites.
Avo was chosen because of its unique capabilities in rugged space-qualified manufacturing, including precision optical alignment, welding, and environmental sealing, while achieving optical performance to meet The Aerospace Corporation’s tight specifications.
Our solution approach for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies
AMS Technologies’ solution approach has helped hundreds of customer projects to move from concept to production. Helping you to understand our capabilities, we invite you to browse a list of the many projects that we have successfully completed over a timeframe closely approaching 30 years.