Ultrafast fiber lasers, optical filters, optical power meters
Optical filters, optical power meters, ultrafast lasers, laser filters, HV film capacitors, laser cooling

Program your optical filter and wavelength switch

Program your optical filter and wavelength switchA Waveshaper can offer extremely fine control of filter characteristics, including centre wavelength, bandwidth, shape, dispersion and attenuation. Based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon technology it is available in either benchtop or OEM formats.  They are used in a wide variety of applications, including optical communications, pulsed lasers in the medical and material processing area as well as optical sensors.
A multiport unit is available with a total of 20 ports bidirectional and can be configured by software commands. These instruments work in C, L and C+L band operating around 1um and 1.55um depending on applications with a total input optical power at +27dBm

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Rugged, ultrafast lasers

Rugged, ultrafast lasersPicosecond, femtosecond and nanosecond lasers are now being used in a wide variety of applications from material processing to life science. The lasers are available in a number of wavelengths (513-1700nm) and repetition rates. As plug & play units they are suitable for OEM integration as well as lab experiments.

The Origami is an ultra-compact femtosecond laser that provides the lowest phase noise and timing jitter available on the market. This is useful for applications such as frequency comb, Thz generation or clock distribution. The Origami laser emits transform-limited, soliton pulses, provides diffraction-limited beam quality and excellent pointing stability. Origami is air-cooled and maintenance-free and guarantees high stability and low drift.

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Optical power meters

Optical power metersAMS Technologies provides a high-resolution optical power meter covering a broad spectrum of wavelengths. The unit is well suited for most applications with it user friendly keypad. An extremely low power consumption allows extended operation in the field. 
It can accommodate a variety of standard, interchangeable screw-in receptacles. Power levels as high as +10 dBm or as low as -75 dBm can be easily measured, with the values displayed in watts or dBm. The user can select a specific wavelength within 1nm thanks to the keypad and display measurements. The unit can be controlled via a PC using the USB interface.

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Lasers – Keep Safe

Lasers – Keep SafeUltrafast lasers are distinguished from others by their extremely high peak power and their highly precise and minimal invasive features in material processing and medical treatments. Therefore it is important to know which system can pose risks and ensure you are wearing the correct eye protection. Univet laser filters are certified according M-mode as described in EN207:2009 for laser pulses shorter that 10-9ns
There are a range of frames offering a wide choice of different styles and features. Excellent coverage and a great fit are the basis of laser glasses with features like side shields, superposition and the innovative Softpad system. Also available are laser windows, used primarily in industrial applications, which consist of the same materials used in the line of filters for glasses.

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New manufacturer of HV film capacitors on board

New manufacturer of HV film capacitors on boardAMS Technologies partners now with NWL, one of the largest manufacturers of film capacitors in North America and a world leader in water-cooled DC link applications.

Based on aluminum film with foil and segmented metallized film NWL’s capacitors provide lower heat dissipation and have a longer life compared to other dielectric types. Typical applications include pulse power, induction heating, electrical drives for large transport systems and inverters for renewable energy.

AC voltage capacitors, resonant tank capacitors and harmonic filtering capacitors

Snubber protection capacitors, clamping capacitors and commutation capacitors

Laser Cooling

Laser coolingEnsuring your laser performs to its maximum ability is very often reliant on good, close temperature control. This may be from a simple heatsink or fan, a TEC or a closed loop re-circulating fluid system.

Small, low vibration TEC chillers start from 160W and can react to small changes and hold accurate temperature. We can also supply larger systems of Kwatt to even Mwatts. For system integrators we can also design and supply custom sealed chilled cabinets.

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