OCT products: fiber probes, spectrometers, swept sources
Integrated tools for mass production of fiber optic probes, spectral domain OCT systems, high speed swept sources and optical components for OCT
Wide range of OCT products
Whether fully integrated tools for mass production of optical fiber probes, spectral domain systems or high speed swept sources: at AMS Technologies you profit from specialised consultancy in the usage of OCT technology in biomedical and industrial imaging applications.
High-volume manufacturing of all-fiber probes for in vivo optical imaging
Fiber optic probes have been recently adopted for in vivo optical imaging of internal tissues via OCT, a technology used for morphological imaging of biological systems such as retina, vasculature and gastrointestinal tract. The fabrication of these probes requires stable and well-controlled fiber fusion and glass procession technologies. The fully automated systems available from AMS Technologies are based on filament fusion and tension-scribe technology and enable consistent and cost-effective mass production of all-fiber probes.
  • Unique filament technology provides several advantages: uniform heating around the fiber, processing of different types of fibers with various optical characteristics or doping concentrations, long lifetime and robustness of the probes, many probe designs (from ball lenses to fiber lenses)
  • Large Diameter Cleaver LDC-400 allows cleaving of image bundles with high quality and good throughput
  • Fully integrated workstation and individual tools for every process step
Spectral-domain OCT systems: high resolution and image-acquisition speed
OCT systems utilising spectral-domain technology (SD-OCT) offer significant improvements over time-domain approaches: twice the resolution and ~100x image-acquisition speed.
  • Allow precise and rapid OCT measurements thanks to compatibility with a variety of high speed digital line scan cameras enabling simultaneous coverage of multiple wavelengths
  • Volume Phase Grating (VPG) for high transmission
  • Rugged and reliable spectrometers for high stability
  • Available in a stand-alone spectrograph format or fully assembled and aligned with the camera of choice
  • Near-infrared and shortwave-infrared wavelength range ideal for clinical applications
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High speed swept light source reduces impact of diagnostic imaging on patients
OCT systems that incorporate the newly developed light source can take high resolution cross-sectional images of living tissue at high speed. This feature will not only reduce the time required to complete an examination and hence reduce impact on patients but also broaden the application of OCT systems, such as innovative medical diagnosis using real-time 3D imaging, and clinical study applications in the field of R&D.
  • Wavelength at 1300 nm makes it ideal for OCT-based examination of the coronary arteries
  • Wavelength sweep span larger than 100 nm for high resolution imaging
  • High speed sweep az 200 kHz for high image recording rate

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Polarisation-Diverse Optical Mixer
The Polarisation-Diverse Optical Mixer (PDMO) is a high-performance optical hybrid optimised for the requirements of next-generation Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems. The two optical inputs of the PDOM, Signal (S) and Reference (R), are split into their orthogonal polarization components which are then pair-wise mixed within the interferometer to generate the required detectable signals.
  • Ruggedised module suitable for OEM applications
  • Available for both 1310 and 1550 nm operation

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Optical components for OCT systems
  • Extensive range of fibers and free beam products
  • High stability laser modules for reliable measurements
  • Miniature PM couplers and combiners
  • Wide range of lenses (molded glass aspheric, Gradium and IR lenses)
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Thermal Management & Power Technologies
AMS Technologies is unique in having knowledge across different technology fields. Discover our portfolio and how we can support you in choosing the right optical, power or thermal components or systems from selection of standard products to design of customised solutions.