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Innovative laser solutions, diode laser systems, Excimer lasers, cooling solutions
In this issue you will learn about five new ultrashort pulse lasers that were introduced at Photonics West. Did you know that AMS Technologies offers also diode laser systems and Excimer lasers? Find out more.
5 innovative laser solutions from Mid-IR to Deep UV
Our partner Teem Photonics uniquely delivers attractive cost of ownership, compact size and high grade reliability to the world of ultrashort pulse lasers. We are pleased to introduce a significant extension of the product range with a group of 5 innovative solutions at Photonics West 2016:
  • Microchip SLM version series, a true single longitudinal mode laser with 70 - 100 kHz repetition rates and down to 500 ps pulse duration.
  • PicoOne and PicoMega, one compact platform for two Watt level lasers with 500 ps / 70-100 kHz or 200 ps / 200kHz-1MHz at 532 nm
  • Picospark: now delivers 4W of 532nm at 70 kHz and 500ps pulse duration!
  • Powerchip 213 nm, the extended UV version of the well known laser range
  • Microchip 2 µm, a new compact mid-IR evolution: coming up soon!
Diode laser systems
AMS Technologies portfolio of diode laser systems features a broad range of output power levels as well as different wavelengths. Applications are diverse and include micro material processing (of e.g. plastic materials), medical/diagnostic and metrology with for instance fiber sensors.

We can offer systems with an optical output power of more than 900W at specific wavelengths or optionally even with several wavelengths. The devices consist of multiple single emitter laser diodes in a sealed, rugged industrial package. Long lifetime of the laser diodes is achieved through a proprietary laser diode facet passivation technology.
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Material processing efficient Excimer stripping with gas
Easy to use, simple to service and economical to operate, IPEX-700 lasers combine the benefits of high precision excimer processing with the lowest total cost of ownership. They have been designed for medium duty cycle operation in industrial and  R&D environments, delivering high power ultraviolet. IPEX lasers offer long gas lifetimes, superior optical stability and precise control of laser operating parameters.

Typical application for Excimer is clean, non-contact stripping of a wide variety of wire and insulation types.  Excimer  is usually preferred where  mechanically fragile wires are used. This 2mm wire has been stripped of it insulation 12um thick from one side only.

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Cooling Solutions: Recirculating Chillers, Cabinet Cooling
AMS Technologies offers the entire range of laser cooling solutions including recirculating chillers from 150 W to 95 kW, a variety of heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources as well as cabinet cooling for sensitive equipment.

Thermoelectric recirculating chillers are available from 150W to 950W of cooling capacity and offer precise temperature control to +/-0.05°C. These chillers feature whisper-quiet operation, vibration-free operation, world wide power compatibility and a high efficiency variable voltage source that consumes energy only when needed.

Compressor based chillers are available from 300W to 95kW of cooling capacity and are designed to guarantee trouble-free operation of laser equipment. Features include a variety of monitoring and safety options, pump options, different enclosures, fluid compatibility, low noise and low vibrations options.
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