New ns, ps, fs micromachining lasers from Spectra-Physics
New Nano-, Pico- and Femto-second Lasers for Micromachining etc. from Spectra-Physics
Azpect Photonics AMS Technologies

Dear customers,
We are pleased to introduce multiple new game-changing lasers for micromachining from Spectra Physics.  Our portfolio of market-leading lasers spans ns to ps to fs and UV to green to IR, serving a wide range of demanding 24/7 industrial applications.

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Versatile Game-Changing Picosecond Lasers: IceFyre™
  • Industry-leading cost-performance
  • >50 W power, up to >200 μJ pulse energy
  • TimeShift™ ps programmable burst-mode technology
Compact Air-Cooled High Power UV Nanosecond Lasers
  • >4 W UV output power
  • E-Track™ fast energy control
  • It's in the Box™ design: most compact laser of its class
High Pulse Energy, High Repetition Rate Ultrafast Lasers
  • >30 W power, >120 μJ pulse energy, <400 fs pulses
  • Optional integrated SHG and adjustable pulse width
  • Proven high reliability for 24/7 operation.
Green Fiber Lasers
  • Up to 30 W, 200 μJ, and 20 kW peak power
  • 3–20 ns tunable pulse width
  • Single-shot to 1500 kHz tunable rep-rate
  • PRR on the fly
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