Mode Analyzer for fiber lasers
New technology enables improvement of the performance of the output beam of a fiber laser            
It is now possible to control and improve the performance of the output beam of a fiber laser by measuring the relative mode power. The first commercially available analyzer that measures and displays the modal content in a fiberoptic component or subsystem has just been released by Interfiber Analysis.

Regardless if you have a bare LMA fiber, a splice, a combiner or a complete subassembly of a fiber laser the FMA-100 Fiber Mode Analyzer quantifies the relative mode power. Moreover, by analyzing the time of flight it can even
trace at which point in the optical path coupling of energy has been taken place.
The technology is a big step forward compared to traditional M² measurement which does not explain the modal distribution. Despite of a good M² parameter there may be unwanted energy in higher order modes that will affect the final performance of the output beam.
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The unit can be used for product development in the research environment but also for monitoring the modal content on a production floor. It is a clear step forward towards full characterisation of Large Mode Area fiber optic components and subsystems.

Please join us for a demonstration of the FMA-100 Fiber Mode Analyzer at this year’s SPIE Photonics West show in San Francisco at Interfiber Analysis booth # 6036 (North Hall).

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