Low light measurement, Precise lasers and temperature control, Solid State cooling , Lenses and Collimators
Low light measurement, Precise lasers, Precise Temperature control, Solid State cooling , Lenses and Collimators

The right SPAD for your detection

With the amount of research increasing on Quantum Technology, AMS Technologies plays a key role in offering Single Photon Detectors designed to make low light measurements at single photon levels.
Our PGA-308 is a SPAD which detects single photons in the wavelength range of 0.95 to 1.6um and fibre-pigtailed in a standard three stage cooled 6 pin TO-8 can. This device, specifically for single photon counting applications is available in an ultra-high sensitivity version with dark count rate of 10 KHz or less at a detection efficiency of 20%.

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Precise lasers

Single photon counting in quantum cryptography, atom trapping, or distributed fibre sensing are all key applications where a very precise laser source is required.  Distributed Feedback (DFB) Lasers are single mode lasers containing an integrated grating structure. The result is a single mode emission at a precise wavelength with a narrow line width.  A wide range of wavelengths are available from 633nm to 1083nm for your science application, or the complete ITU range around 1550nm for communications & sensing. Many of these lasers are available as OEM Butterfly or TO can packages to be built together with standard drivers, (see below) or some are available as complete units.

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Precise Temperature control

To work effectively a single photon counting unit needs precision temperature control. Depending upon the end use this can be in the form of an on board version, external controller or bench top version.  AMS Technologies provides a complete range of suitable units to cover all these instances.

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Lenses and Collimators

Laser Diode Driver
Routing the optical signal around a system requires accurate and compact optics. Where the optical signal needs to be coupled into
a fibre it is particularly important to ensure that maximum coupling efficiency and low reflectivity, as this could cause errors in the original signal. Aspheric lenses in our collimators can supply this optimum performance. A range of options are available depending upon the system requirements and physical size. These are also available pigtailed or in a connectorized housing allowing easy integration into the system.

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Solid State cooling

Recirculating chillers
For Labs, diode or semiconductor lasers, low-light CCD cameras, SPAD’s or Medical equipment, small, quiet, accurate chillers are a common requirement. Each unit has a temperature control system with full PID control for both heating and cooling and is offered with 160 to 400W of nominal cooling capacity.
The Oasis Three is a very energy efficient  300W chiller achieving thermal control from -5 to 45 °C to ± 0.05 °C, even near ambient, and responds instantaneously to changes in load. Its smooth-flow centrifugal pump keeps operation vibration free.

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