Liquid cooling kit, tunable lasers, fiberoptics, capacitors
Sealed Mini Liquid Cooling Kit, narrow linewidth tunable lasers, fiberoptics
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We want to accelerate your success, which is why AMS Technologies has invested in a design center in Krakow, Poland. Our services range from design to prototype development to complete turnkey solutions.
In this newsletter you will read about our newest development: mLC Kit Mini Liquid Cooling Kit, a compact sealed compressor system for liquid cooling thta can be integrated directly into OEM systems. Moreover, we introduce new fiberoptic products released at Photonics West and a free trial for a device for optical short pulse shaping.

Our newest release: sealed mLC-Kit Mini Liquid Cooling Kit for integration directly into OEM systems
We received several requests from OEM customers that were looking for a cooling unit that can be integrated into their own liquid coolant circuit and electronics controls. None of the cooling units already in the market complied with the requirement for high cooling capacity coupled with very low vibration and low noise.

The newly released mLC-Kit utilizes a low vibration and low noise mini rotary compressor and provides a cooling capacity up to 500W. All components are carefully designed to match each other. The Kit is sealed and OEMs can easily integrate it into their system. The interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit is a brazed plate heat exchanger which is suitable for a variety of coolant fluids.

Typical applications are compact laser cooling up to 500W and bio reagents cooling. The kit can also be battery operated and used for portable applications such as portable cooling boxes, catering trolleys or portable medical applications.
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Narrow linewidth tunable laser
We set a high value on the continuous dialogue with our customers. We detected a need for narrow linewidth tunable lasers, with low-noise and in a compact package. Shortly after we identified the proper manufacturer: Pure Photonics produces 1550nm tunable Lasers with narrow 10kHz linewidth and ultra-low FM noise.

The technologies offered by Pure Photonics provides a revolutionary change in laser solutions for many specialty applications, where the choice was limited to bulky tunable lasers and expensive fixed wavelength lasers. Thanks to the ECL design, the intrinsic linewidth of the product is extremely narrow. No other volume manufactured tunable laser product can approach the 10kHz intrinsic linewidth that this product offers.

We have already integrated Pure Photonics’ laser sources into several projects in fibre optic sensing, LIDAR, atomic clock systems and are happy to report customer satisfaction.
LightComm’s products are available from AMS Technologies
Not everybody knows that AMS Technologies works closely with LightComm, an established manufacturer of fiber optical components for applications in high power fiber lasers, fiber sensing and telecommunication. LightComm released a series of new products at Photonics West:

High power laser delivery fiber cable:
the cable can be connected at the termination part of high power CW fiber laser systems and allows the reduction of the power density at the output facet. The integrated powerful cladding power stripper strips the high power back-reflection light.

Fiberoptic rotary joint: features low insertion loss, high stabilisation, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and reliability. It is widely used in LIDAR, biomedical and optogenetics applications.

PM and non-PM short wavelength isolators: available wavelengths:
638nm, 780-890nm, 900-1030nm. Mainly used in fiber lasers, fiber sensors and instrumentation.
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Effect of optical short pulse shaping
Have you ever thought about whether and how changes on the shape or the compression in the time domain affect your laser pulse? If you would like to investigate it we can provide you with a demo device.
In the areas of medical treatment, material processing, femtochemistry or metrology a variety of applications require forming a rectangular pulse out of a given shape, compressing a given pulse in the time domain or forming multiple pulse trains out of one pulse. Waveshaper1000 provides a unique tool to investigate the impact of pulses with different shapes.
Waveshaper1000 is a unique programmable filter which provides wavelength selective control of the amplitude and phase spectra of optical pulses. It enables the creation and shaping of short pulses down to the femtosecond range as well as pulse shifting up to 25ps.
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New fiberoptic developments: ER meters and tunable filters
AMS Technologies has been working many years with OZ Optics, a global supplier of fiber optic products for all applications. We would like to draw your attention to two new developments introduced by OZ Optics at Photonics West.

New line of Benchtop Polarisation Extinction Ratio Meters:
  • Ideal for polarization maintaining component and device testing
  • Measurement of extinction rations of up to 50dB
  • Two operation modes: real time (for aligning optics) and test (for quality testing of the fiber)
New variable tunable filter:
  • Allows tuning of both the center wavelength and the transmission bandwidth
  • Custom wavelengths on request
  • Applications include WDM testing, spectral filtering, spectral imaging or microscopy, and others
Capacitors for every need and application
AMS Technologies enjoys excellent relationships with several suppliers that manufacture capacitors for many different applications. One of our partners, NWL, is one of the largest manufacturer of film capacitors in North America and a world leader in water-cooled DC link applications.
Based on aluminum film with foil and segmented metallized film NWL’s capacitors provide lower heat dissipation and have a longer life compared to other dielectric types. Typical applications include pulse power, induction heating, electrical drives for large transport systems and inverters for renewable energy.
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