Light source cooling
Cooling solutions for light sources
Cooling of light sources

Various lasers benefit from being cooled and temperature stabilized: increased lifetime and wavelength stability are only two of the advantages for your application. AMS Technologies offers a variety of products and solutions for light source cooling. We assist you to select appropriate products, develop a custom design or set up your equipment to guarantee trouble-free operation.

Heat sinking at light source
Effective heat sinking of a light source allows for higher light output, improves the ecological footprint as it reduces the chiller cooling demand and/or increases the lasers operational range without causing condensation to occur.

Our variety of heat sinks includes micro channel heat sinks suitable for actively and passively cooled light sources, peltier assemblies and water cooler plates for fiber bundled arrays of diode modules. Our services include CFD computational fluid dynamics, dimensioning of vapor compression cycles, simulation of thermoelectric systems, CAD, prototyping and testing.
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Thermoelectric recirculating chillers
Thermoelectric recirculating chillers are available offering 160W to 950W of cooling capacity with precise temperature control of +/-0.05°C. These chillers feature whisper-quiet operation, vibration-free operation, world wide power compatibility and a high efficiency variable voltage source that consumes energy only when needed.
Compressor based recirculating chillers
Compressor based recirculating chillers are available offering 300 W to 95 kW of cooling capacity. They achieve temperature stabilities of +/-0.1°C and are designed to guarantee trouble-free operation of laser equipment. A wide range of options is available including pumps, fluid compatibility, controllers with safety and monitoring features, rack mount, stand alone and mini enclosures, quiet operation including active noise control, low vibration, start-up heating and many more. We also offer customized chillers to meet specific requirements.
Cabinet cooling
Laser equipment inside hermetically sealed outdoor cabinets typically requires heat removal and/or temperature control. We offer standard and customized cabinet coolers with heat pipes and thermoelectric and compressor based engines.
Thermoelectric temperature controllers
Our portfolio of temperature controllers for thermoelectric coolers includes PCB mount, chassis mount or desktop instruments. Small PCB mount hybrid controllers offer output current of 1.5 to 4 A and temperature stability to .0009 K.

At the high power end of our portfolio PWM based chassis mount controller models offer up to 28 A at 36 VDC or 4 A at 240 VAC of output at 0.01 to 0.1 K temperature stability. Instruments are ideal for laboratory use and different models are available that offer ultra stable temperature control or high power output.
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