Latest news from our successful show at the Munich LASER World of PHOTONICS
Latest news from our successful show at the Munich LASER World of PHOTONICS

High Power Fused Fibre components

New Fibre lasers and fibre systems require high quality, reliable  and cost effective components.  This can be achieved by using Fused Fibre  Technology. This provides excellent performance especially for high power applications such as our Pump Combiners, amplifiers, for fibre lasers, fibre sensor systems and medical instruments. Various standard configurations are available like PM (2+1) x1 or PM (6+1) x1 which handles several hundreds of watts. The latter combine’s six pump lasers and one PM signal channel into one double cladding PM output fibre.  Specific customer requirements can also be designed to suit individual needs.

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Integrating Spheres for laser measurements

High power measurements are often performed using thermopile detectors. Thermopiles however, have the disadvantage of reacting very slowly. The combination of an integrating sphere and a photodiode based power meter opens the possibility of measuring high power fluctuations on a µs time scale hence a new line of high quality gold and PTFE integrating spheres. The gold spheres are designed for high power applications in the near to mid infrared (NIR and MIR). These quality spheres provide exceptional power handling capability with air cooled and liquid cooled versions to choose from. The PTFE integrating spheres are machined from solid material - not coated. These robust devices are perfect for measuring laser power in the visible to NIR and there is a range of sizes from 10mm to 100mm.

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NEW ! Free space, high power, narrow line 780 & 852nm DFB Lasers for Interferometry & Spectroscopy

New DFB lasers at 780 & 852nm are now available in butterfly housing with a window. Its integrated beam collimation and circular beam profile makes this laser diode very attractive for metrology applications, as well as interferometry or Rb and Cs spectroscopy.  The compact design in conjunction with the narrow linewidth performance opens new opportunities to be integrated in any system.  The DFB-852 diode with window consists of an integrated thermistor, thermo-electric cooler (TEC) and a monitor diode. The device is capable of providing 100mW @ 852 nm with a spectral linewidth of 2 MHz and below. The DFB-780 laser is the same but has a power of up to 80mW @ 780 nm.

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Programmable Single Polarization Filter, available for 1µm and 1.55 µm signals

The WaveShaper is a Polarization Maintaining (PM) programmable filter which provides full control of the amplitude and phase spectra either across the entire C-band or in the 1µm window. Typical applications include the creation and shaping of short pulses down to the femtosecond regime as well as programmable filtering for developing and testing of single-polarization and polarization-multiplexed optical communication systems. The Wave Shaper 1000/SP transmits and processes the signal which is launched into the slow axis of the input PM fibre. The signal launched into the fast axis is not transmitted and will be extinguished by more than 20 db. This instrument is also as an OEM module which can be integrated into users' equipment.
Typical applications are: - Material processing; Short pulse laser research, Microscopy & spectroscopy, & Coherent Quantum control.

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Autumn Roadshows !

Would you like the opportunity to meet our Photonics & Thermal management experts?
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