Lasers, Optics and Spectroscopy Solutions for Life Science
Lasers, Optics and Spectroscopy Solutions for Life Science
Our partners are market leaders in lasers and equipment for bio-instrumentation including microscopy, spectroscopy and other life science applications. Contact your Azpect Photonics expert to discuss your application needs and challenges. Let’s work together to solve them.

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Versatile, wavelength tunable, femto sec. laser for multi photon microscopy

The Spectra-Physics Mai Tai Deep See, Ti:Sapphire, integrated femto sec. Laser is really the laser of choice for Multi Photon Microscopy (MPM). Azpect has successfully supplied femto sec. lasers to the Nordic MPM market for many years and we have the largest installed base of lasers for MPM, of any company!
The Mai Tai family of lasers was the first integrated femto sec. laser introduced on the market, for MPM. This means that Spectra-Physics, by now, has delivered thousands of lasers worldwide for MPM! With their outstanding experience and know-how, Spectra-Physics today is able to deliver the most reliable and versatile, hands-free  femto sec. lasers, available on the market!
The Mai Tai family  offers a broad range of models with varying pulse length, power and tuning range, depending on the needs of the user.
Femtosecond laser for multi photon microscopy – with extended wavelength range

For the researchers looking for even broader wavelength coverage than the versatile Mai-Tai and for the ones who require the ultimate Multi Photon laser,  Spectra-Physics offers the InSight™ DS+™.
The InSight gives access to wavelengths beyond 1040 nm, with a broad gap-free tuning range of 680-1300 nm. With the same, built in, patented, Deep SeeTM automated dispersion compensation, as for the Mai Tai, the InSight offers deepest possible in vivo imaging! The InSight can be delivered with the “Dual beam option” offering a 2:nd output beam  at 1041 nm, making it possible to perform multi modal imaging techniques, CARS, SHG & THG etc.!  Apart from MPM applications this laser is also well suited for a variety of other scientific applications such as: time-resolved Photoluminescence, non-linear Spectroscopy, optical computed Tomography, Terahertz imaging etc.
HighQ-2 – a super compact, easy to use, femtosec laser at a very affordable price

The HighQ-2 laser is a very compact, user friendly, fixed wave length ( 1045 nm) femto sec. laser.
It is the perfect choice for the Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM) user, who does not need a broadly tunable laser and who wants to configure a basic MPM system.  (A range of fluorophores, incl.  tdTomato, DsRed, mBanana, mRFP etc. can be excited with 1045 nm!)
The HighQ-2 is also the perfect extension for the MPM lab which already has a tunable femto sec Ti:Sapphire laser. With the addition of the HighQ-2 the user can perform two color imaging (for instance with YFP + Alexa568) as well as multimodal imaging.
Right now and until end of the year Spectra-Physics offers an attractive special price for the HighQ-2, with a >25% discount! Make use of this extra ordinary offer – order your HighQ-2 now!
High power advanced laser platform (ALP), with multi wavelength output

The ALP, is a new femto sec. laser platform from Fianium. It offers up to three separate, configurable, synchronized output beams. Each output can be configured as a fixed wavelength or broadband super continuum, with a variety of power, wavelength & pulse width options.
The repetition rate is up to 80 MHz, with the possibility of an optional pulse picker. The pre-configured standard system (ALP-710-745-SC) offers 710 nm, 745 nm & super continuum outputs.
The flexible architecture can be adapted to suit a range of applications, including:
  • Super resolution techniques
  • CARS
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • etc.
High-intensity white light illumination for microscopy

The SOLA II Series Light Engines are solid state, white light excitation systems for stable, robust, high-intensity illumination. SOLA II is the ultimate solution for e.g. microscopists looking for a stable, broadband LED source in the spectral range of 380-680 nm. It is suitable for imaging all the most common fluorophores and fluorescent proteins. The SOLA II light engines can be controlled by every microscopy software on the market and integrated with high end cameras to enable light blanking during frame readout, e.g. to minimize photobleaching. The expected lifetime of the SOLA SE is greater than 20,000 hours.
Vibration control – workstations and optical tables optimized for life science application

Newport is the world leading vibration control manufacturer. The Vision series Workstations efficiently reduces vibrations from external sources that could have deleterious effects on your images! Simultaneously, Newport’s Workstations provide a practical work environment dedicated to e.g. microscopy. The support bars on the side does not only protect the optical table and your experiments from in adverted motion, it also includes arm rests for a comfortable working position. The system can also be equipped with an overhead shelf with electrical sockets, side shelves for extra storage and all your needed IT-equipment, all isolated from the optical platform on which you will perform your experiments.

Optical tables
Newport also offers a wide selection of optical tables and isolation systems to meet your particular needs.
Flexible solutions for patterned illumination

The Optical Activation, Stimulation and Imaging System (OASIS) from Mightex is designed specifically to meet the growing demand to conduct experiments on live animals, when system flexibility is a primary consideration and a large field of view is required. The OASIS features Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400 patterned Illuminator to deliver light from LEDs to a specified area of the specimen while leaving neighboring areas untouched. The Polygon400 can also be attached to existing micorscopes to achieve precise spatial, temporal and/or spectral control of light.
Ultra-high brightness, broadband laser-driven light source

The compact Laser Driven Light Sources (LDLS) EQ-99X and EQ-99XFC from Energetiq are ultra-high brightness, high stability broadband sources (170-2100nm) that are specifically designed for demanding imaging and spectroscopy applications. The ultra-high brightness from a small plasma size of typically 60μm x 140μm allows for efficient power coupling into small fibers or spectrograph slits. The broad spectrum eliminates the need for multiple light sources and at the same time offers superior spatial and power stability and long life time (>9000 hours) for highly repeatable measurements. Suitable applications include:
  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
  • Monochromator Source
  • Advanced Imaging/Illumination
  • Applications requiring long lamp life
Modular micro-spectroscopy solutions – adding an analytical dimension to microscopy images

Want to add spectroscopy capabilities to your microscope? Andor Technology offers an extensive range of multi-input & output, motorized Czerny-Turner Shamrock spectrographs with seamlessly interchangeable and configurable accessories. Dedicated, highly configurable micro-spectroscopy interfaces allow seamless integration to virtually any microscopy systems and Andor’s range of ultra-sensitive CCD, ICCD and EMCCD cameras provide the system with high spectral resolution, maximum photon detection and speed, Ideal for fast and photon starved chemical mapping or microfluidics setups.
Please contact us to learn more and about what we can offer for your Micro-spectroscopy setup.
New high sensitivity compact NIR spectrometer from Avantes!

Avantes range of sensitive and compact fiberoptic NIR spectrometers have just become even better! The new, AvaSpec-NIR256-2.5-HSC, offers better sensitivity, less weight and smaller size! It is based on a 100 mm optical bench with a NA of 0.13 offering optimal balance between resolution and sensitivity. A range of gratings are available to tailor the instrument for optimal performance in your application. Analog and digital IO ports enable external triggering and control of shuttered and pulsed light sources from the AvaLight series of illumination sources.
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