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Discover how AMS Technologies can support you in choosing the right optical and thermal components for your application from selection of standard products to design of customised solutions.

The right laser for your projects
AMS Technologies provides high power laser diodes based on GaAs which cover wavelength range from 650 to 1120nm in four basic types (DFB/DBR laser, broad area laser, tapered laser and ridge waveguide laser). These laser diodes address a variety of applications such as spectroscopy, metrology, medical instrumentation and test & measurement. We have been developing customised solutions for a broad range of applications. Contact us for lasers suitable to meet your specific project requirements.
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Quantum cascade laser driver
Quantum cascade lasers are used in a number of spectroscopic applications such as remote sensing of environmental gases. In order to maintain their characteristically tight centre line-widths and minimize jitter, the lasers must be powered by drivers with exceptionally low current noise density, which in turn can lead to narrower linewidths. For example our 500 mA QCL laser driver exhibits noise performance of 0.4 µA RMS to 100 kHz and an average current noise density of 1 nA / √Hz - the lowest available today. Powering your QCL with the correct driver will enable better performance - at lower cost and can be modified to suit your particular QCL application.
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Getting the light to where you want it
You have chosen the wavelength, power, linewidth and all the other details of the light signal but now comes the problem of actually getting the signal to where you want it. Then capturing the output to ensure you get all the signals you need. Spot size, beam width, numerical aperture, divergence…choosing the correct lens or collimator is crucial. We support you in this process by providing the suitable match to meet your specific needs selecting out of our comprehensive range of receptacle or fiber pigtailed collimators.
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Liquid cooling
For lasers, medical equipment, high-powered electronics, power drives, military and aerospace applications, air-cooled heat sinks are often inadequate. Therefore liquid-cooled cold plates are the ideal high-performance heat transfer solution. Specialist cold plates are often designed and produced in collaboration with our clients, and can result in increased efficiency and/or price-reducing simplified designs. Heat exchangers, with copper, stainless steel or aluminium on wetted surfaces, are compatible with water, glycol-water, corrosive fluids such as de-ionised water, oil and dielectric fluids. A wide range of standard products is available for heat load from 10 to 400 W/°C.
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