Laser systems and cooling
Diode pumped picosecond lasers, excimer and TEA CO2 lasers, thermoelectric recirculating chillers
Laser systems & cooling solutions

In this newsletter about laser systems we introduce a new family of high energy plused lasers and a series of ion lasers. Moreover, you will learn more about the benefits that excimer and TEA CO2 lasers offer for stripping of plastic insulation.

We also offer a variety of accessories and cooling solutions for your laser system.

New diode pumped, picosecond laser
The POLARIS™ i200 is a high power and high energy plused laser developed to respond to the increasing demand from the manufacturing industry for high power, high energy picosecond lasers. It features 1064nm, 10ps, 200W, low M2, high repetition rate.

The POLARIS™ i200 is based on a versatile Nd:YAG “Z-slab” module design. The state of the art universal control based power supply allows Programmable Burst Mode (PBM) for optimised and cost effective material processing – applications where high energy lasers give vital advantages in current leading market and technology production lines.

The manufacturer, Powerlase Photonics Ltd., has demonstrated over the years their expertise in providing high power DPSS lasers in IR, green and UV for the industry. The solid state lasers product family offers scalable power versions to meet the most demanding requirements.
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Stripping of plastic insulation with excimer and TEA CO2 lasers
AMS Technologies can supply lasers suited for stripping of plastic insulation of wires and other items, like hydraulic tubing for brakes. Excimer and TEA CO2 lasers enable clean, non-contact stripping of a wide variety of wire and insulation types. They are standard industrial tools wherever mechanically fragile wires are used.

The Impact™ TEA CO2 lasers have proven to be a uniquely valuable tool for wire-stripping and other fine processing applications in medical device manufacturing, often offering an extremely cost-effective alternative to excimer lasers. Click here to view a number of typical stripping examples done both with excimer and TEA CO2 lasers from LightMachinery.
SHG ion laser technology offers cost effective, high power, continuous wave deep UV radiation at various wavelengths
AMS Technologies represents one of the few suppliers of frequency doubled ion lasers, Cambridge Lasers Laboratories. The standard Lexel™ ion lasers offer high continuous wave (CW) output levels (up to 200 mW at 257 nm) in a cost effective way. This is done through intra cavity Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) of the fundamental wavelengths of an argon ion laser, in a folded 3-mirror design. This design maintains a high quality TEMoo beam also in the deep UV range.

Multiple wavelengths (up to 20 lines), in the visible, UV as well as the deep-UV, between 568.2 nm and 229 nm can be reached, depending on the choice of model/configuration. Switching between SHG operation and the fundamental (vis.) is easy and straight forward.

Established applications for these lasers are writing of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG), Raman spectroscopy, protein science, lithography and several other applications in semiconductor manufacturing.
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Accessories for laser systems
AMS Technologies can offer a variety of accessories, often needed and used in connection with advanced laser systems.

Beam deflection systems
(“scanners”) are used in a broad range of marking, welding and cutting applications, with lasers. AMS can offer a wide range 2D and 3D scanners etc., with varying characteristics, depending on the laser to be used and the application requirements. Send us info on your application to and we will provide you with information on a suitable scanner solution.
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Beam diagnostics: to achieve an appropriate result in your laser application and to be able to optimize your laser and set-up in the correct way, it is often required to know the beam quality of your laser. For this purpose a beam analyzer camera with accompanying software is the right tool.
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Laser protection: whenever a laser is being used strict safety regulations apply to protect the people working with the laser. AMS Technologies offers laser protection eye-ware for most commonly used lasers. Do not hesitate to contact us for a suggestion on suitable laser protection.
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Thermoelectric recirculating chillers
Thermoelectric recirculating chillers are available offering 160W to 950W of cooling capacity with precise temperature control of better than +/-0.05°C. These chillers feature whisper-quiet operation, vibration-free operation, world wide power compatibility and a high efficiency variable voltage source that consumes energy only when needed.

For applications that require higher cooling capacities we offer a range of compressor-based recirculating chillers with cooling capacities between 300 W and 95 kW.