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Azpect Product News
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We at Azpect Photonics are happy to inform you about new product developments such as hybrid fiber lasers, very small spectrometers and compact integrated lasers as well as the introduction of a new line of high power DPSS laser systems. Morevoer, being now part of AMS Technologies enables us to provide you the access to new technologies such as thermal management and power electronics.

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High Power UV Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Quasar is a breakthrough new hybrid fiber laser delivering industry-leading high power UV and green at high repetition rates. Quasar features novel TimeShift™ technology for programmable pulse profiles for the ultimate in process speed, flexibility and control.

This product combines advanced fiber laser, power amplifier and patented harmonics technologies to achieve breakthrough results. Quasar 355-40 produces >40 W of UV and Quasar 532-70 produces >70 W of green output power at >200 kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF). Both models operate over a wide rep rate range, from 1–500 kHz for ultra-high speed micromachining and output excellent beam characteristics (M2 <1.3) with low noise.

Quasar is designed, built and tested to stringent quality standards for reliable continuous operation in demanding 24/7 manufacturing environments.

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Small Laser Modules for Industrial Image Processing
As short as a match and thinner than a pen: this is the FLEXPOINT® MV femto, Laser Components smallest line laser for industrial image processing. The new laser module measures 8 mm in diameter and is 40 mm long which makes it suitable for small 3D laser sensors. The focus of the MV femto is factory-set to the individual working distance. This allows the best line quality possible; as small and homogeneous as possible - as low as 20 μm.

The MV femto is available in two different wavelength ranges - red (635 to 660 nm) and NIR (785 to 850 nm). The maximum output power is 50 mW.

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Very small spectrometer with a resolution of up to 0.2 nm
The AvaSpec-Mini is smaller than a deck of cards and weighs only 155 gram. Despite this, it still boasts a resolution up to 0.2 nm, features a USB 2.0 interface and 4 configurable I/O ports. It offers a wide versatility for use in the Ultraviolet (from 200 nm), Visible and Near-Infrared (up to 1100nm) applications. This spectrometer can be used in many areas of research, such as light analysis, chemical research and Raman spectroscopy. It can be used also as tiny OEM spectrometer.
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Compact Integrated CW Lasers: 11 wavelengths in an integrated package
The "Excelsior One series" is a new line of UV, visible and near IR CW lasers based on Spectra-Physics It’s in the Box™ design with the laser head and controller combined in a single, compact package. The Excelsior One series is available as free space and fiber-coupled lasers that include eleven different wavelengths and delivers up to 500 mW of average power. The series includes both direct diode and diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser technology in a compact package offering multi-mode and single frequency options using the exact same mechanical footprint.

The Excelsior One series is based on patented techniques for its DPSS offerings at 473, 532, 542, 561, and 1064 nm. Direct diode models – with the option of high speed modulation and serial software interface – are available at 375, 405, 445, 488, 642, and 785 nm.

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New Focus Ultra High Vacuum Motorized XYZΘxΘy Tilt Aligner
The popular 8081 XYZΘxΘy motorized five-axis tilt aligner which increases the utility of our popular kinematic stages by motorizing each of the axes can now be used in UHV environments (10-9 Torr) as well as for VUV/EUV applications.

The Picomotor™ actuators to each stage allows the same better than <30 nm remote high-resolution adjustment of various combinations of X, Y, Z, Θx, and Θy. With its minimal backlash, it is excellent for long term stability and high stiffness. The 8081-UHV has been tested and measured to outgas levels less than 5ppm of volatile mass at 85°C over three hours. Mass Spectrograms detailing the exact outgassing compounds are available upon request. M4 and M6 tapped holes.

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New Supplier of High Power DPSS Laser Systems
We have signed a distribution agreement with Powerlase Ltd., an English manufacturer of high-end, high power DPSS laser systems. These high quality DPSS lasers are offered in 1064, 532 & 355 nm versions, which come in different power levels, ranging from 40 W to 2.8 kW. The lasers can be equipped with fiber delivery and they have repetition rates in the order of 10-20 kHz, with pulse durations between 30 & 280 nano sec. Typical applications of these laser systems are mainly in material processing, photovoltaics processing, silicon processing, thin film removal, laser patterning among others.
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Thermal Management & Power Technologies
AMS Technologies is unique in having knowledge across different technology fields. Discover our portfolio and how we can support you in choosing the right optical, power or thermal components or systems from selection of standard products to design of customised solutions.