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Complex and flexible cooling using heat pipes, compact & low cost multi-channel spectrometer, 1064nm for laser spectroscopy, HV, RF and HF capacitors, detection systems
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Complex and flexible cooling using heat pipes
Difficult Form Factor Assemblies - are used in a wide variety of applications, such as aerospace and computers.
Flat Heat Pipes and Flexible Heat Pipes - Heat pipe that includes a flexible section. The flexible section can be made of a bellows or other flexible structure, or may be constructed by making bends in the heat pipe resulting in flexibility in one direction. Used in laptops and enclosures.
Embedded Heat Pipes - Heat pipe that is fixed firmly (embedded) into a surrounding mass, usually copper or aluminium, to enhance the effective thermal conductivity of the mass.
Diode Heat Pipes - A diode heat pipe uses non-condensable gas to allow heat to transfer in one direction only.
Constant Temperature Heat Pipe - A constant temperature heat pipe utilizes non-condensable gas to regulate the temperature and keep the heat pipe at a constant temperature.
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Compact & low cost multi-channel spectrometer
Traditionally multi-channel imaging spectrometers have been expensive and bulky instruments used only in demanding laboratory and industrial applications. A new low-cost multi-channel fiber spectrometer has now been made available by incorporating state-of-the-art optics and CCD cameras.

The simultaneous measurement of six individual channels allows ultimate flexibility. The unit has a high spectral resolution and high light throughput. Multi-channel spectrometer PC software is included, as well as a software development kit (SDK) for additional tailoring. The fibers are connectorised with SMA905 connectors for ease of use.
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1064nm for laser spectroscopy
Laser spectroscopy can benefit from a laser source which offers very narrow line width & low phase noise. A new high performance laser at 1064nm is now available in either 14-pin butterfly or integrated package. This type of laser also addresses a variety of applications such as seeding high power fiber and solid state lasers, LIDAR and interferometry. For a total plug & play solution, the integrated package is equipped with its own ultra-low noise current source, TEC driver and controller with standard communications interface and GUI.
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Capacitors – HV, RF and HF
Whether pulse discharge Marx network, RF, filtering, precision or wound film capacitors, the capacitors available from AMS Technologies cover many different applications.

Capacitors are required to fulfil various and many duties in the lower voltage range, whether for AC voltages in power quality applications or for filtering operation at higher DC voltages, such as in some motor control systems and sensing. Capacitors for RF use are very specialized and are available in many different variations (such as ceramic or evacuated) to match various applications, for example plasma generation.
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Light detection made easy
A key element of any optical system is the signal detection system. Each project might require different configurations due to the need to provide high sensitivity or cover a wide wavelength range. Detectors are available with operating range from the UV (190nm) to the IR. These can be integrated with drive electronics or in custom packages depending upon the need of the applications, such as extreme environments whether it is for the Arctic, the Sahara or in space. A range of standard packages is also offered, all providing excellent performance.
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