Fibers and fiber assemblies at Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation Exhibition
Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation Exhibition, Edinburgh (28,29th June)
Meet the Fibre Assembly Experts in cooperation with AMS Technologies at the Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation Exhibition, Edinburgh (28,29th June)

Which application would you like to discuss?

Collection of light from a difficult location ? – Maybe you need a bundled assembly?

We have worked with our OEM & Research customers for decades to design and build thousands of different configurations of bundled assemblies for a wide variety of photonics systems. These are used for performing optical sensing and laser power delivery for industrial, medical, military, and research applications. 

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Do you require a 2D array or maybe a specialist V-groove to suit your needs?

2D arrays 

Extremely tight tolerance one-dimensional (V-Grooves) and two-dimensional arrays can be manufactured using our patented techniques. These arrays range from a few fibres to thousands of fibres depending on the application. Optical arrays are used in optical switching and in sensing applications where spatial optical data is necessary, such as DNA sequencing, astronomy and nuclear research.   

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Are you working in a vacuum ? – Specialist feedthroughs could help

Vacuum feedthroughs are designed to allow optical fibres to penetrate a pressure vessel without compromising the integrity of the vacuum. These can be configured as stand-alone feedthroughs or integrated into cable assemblies as needed. These are ideal for laser power delivery or optical sensing applications that must be conducted in a pressure or vacuum chamber.

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Do you have a high temperature environment?

Gold coated fibre can withstand a wide range of temperature from  -269°C to 700°C and have proven effective in a number of applications such as rocket, turbine, and jet engine monitoring. It has also been used in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft sensing and measurement, radiation resistant sensors and ultra high vacuum devices.

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Whatever your application, we feel confident about being able to help so why not meet with us on the 28th or 29th JuneBooth 205, at the Astronomical Telescopes & Instrumentation Exhibition: Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh.

We are expecting a large number of visitors to the stand so booking an appointment is advisable to ensure we can spend the time with you and discuss your project in detail. Please call 01455 556360 or mail
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