LaserCleave – breakthrough in fiber connector manufacturing
AMS Technologies presents its show highlights from ECOC 2012            
LaserCleave™: designed to maximize productivity in optical connector and component manufacturing
The LaserCleaveTM technology’s core values are the elimination of mechanical scribing, which is prone to fiber chips and hackle, and the reduction of polishing steps required for GR-326 (Telcordia) compliance. Robust and small enough to be integrated into a production line, LaserCleaveTM is a breakthrough in fiber connector manufacturing offering an innovative approach to the fiber cleaving process reducing overall cost of production. More information...
Visit us at ECOC 2012 in Amsterdam
Visit AMS Technologies on booth 458 at this years ECOC Exhibition from 17. -19. September in Amsterdam. At ECOC show we present our solutions and products dealing with Fiber Processing and Instrumentation. We would now like to present you with some of the highlights from ECOC 2012.
One Step Splice and Fibre Polish CAS-4100
CAS-4100 and CAS-4100-P are new-generation, compact, semi-automated splicers that produce high-strength, consistent splices quickly and efficiently. CAS systems feature a unique design, advanced imaging capabilities and programming flexibility. They are ideal for development applications and cost-effective, high-volume production, including three-shift manufacturing. CAS-4100-P is tailored for polarization maintaining (PM) fibers.
ACP24: Create, save, and recall custom polishing procedures
With the ACP24 you can now automate polishing times, pressure, & motor speeds for each step. Complete polishing procedures are stored inside of the ACP24 to save time and ensure repeatability. Create, save, and recall custom polishing procedures for custom jobs. Polishing Procedures can be saved to a computer for easy back up or for transfering to another ACP24. For more information go to
CIVCOM introduces 100Gbps coherent widely tunable transponder
Civcom's 100G DP-(D)QPSK module is a multi-rate Coherent widely Tunable Transponder. The transponder is equipped with an advanced DSP that eliminates the need for optical compensation of chromatic dispersion, 1st and 2nd order PMD. An SD-FEC was implemented to support extreme low OSNR networks. The module complies with the OIF-MSA-100GLH standard using MDIO interface to communicate with the hosting line card.
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Fiberlaunch™ – Innovative launching fiber
From now on connecting the launch cable between the OTDR measurement and the fibres you have to test will be more efficient, secure and above all extremely fast and easy. With the patented Flexi System and automatic stop the duration of every single measurement will be reduced up to 3 minutes each. For ordering information go to
New online shop: Tools for cleaning, testing & maintenance of most types of fiber optics cable & equipment
We deliver test and cleaning equipment for every optical fibre application. Our fiber test equipment offers practical specifications to help you test fiber systems. AMS Technologies fibre optic test and cleaning equipment helps you get your job done efficiently. Easy online shopping:
New Optical Light Sources for Multi- and Singlemode Systems
The KI 2800 Series LED & Laser Source is a general purpose test source for multimode & single mode systems. Typical applications include fiber optic attenuation measurement, continuity testing, polarity testing and fiber identification on critical systems. Visit our new webshop for further information and pricing.

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