Up to 40 % discount on ex-demo cameras and spectrographs
Up to 40 % discount on ex-demo cameras and spectrographs
Azpect Photonics offers up to 40 % discount on ex-demo cameras and spectrographs from Andor! All items undergo the same quality control as new products and are shipped with one year warranty.

Andor Technology is a leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy. Andor manufactures a comprehensive range of CCDs and ICCDs, along with standard spectrographs and unique
spectrographs for scientific and industrial markets.
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AMS Technologies will display innovative solutions for Metrology, Micro Machining, Industrial Illumination and Photonics Cooling at LASER World of PHOTONICS. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth (B2.203) and informing you about our newest developments. 

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Zyla sCMOS camera platform
Andor’s Zyla sCMOS camera platform offers high speed, high sensitivity, high resolution imaging performance in a remarkably light and compact, thermoelectrically-cooled design, integrating perfectly into both research and OEM applications alike. Zyla is ideally suited to many cutting edge experiments that push the boundaries of speed and sensitivity, offering sustained performance of up to 100 fps, faster with ROIs, and read noise down to 0.9 e-. The new ‘plug and play’ interface option offers industry leading USB 3.0 frame rate performance of up to 53 fps @ 4.2 megapixel resolution. 
Ixon Ultra EMCCD
Andor’s iXon design ensures the absolute highest sensitivity from a quantitative scientific digital camera, particularly under fast frame rate conditions. The NEW iXon Ultra 888 camera has raised the bar considerably, accelerating frame rates to up to 3x faster, the data stream transmitted through a convenient plug and play USB 3.0 interface. Andor’s proven UltraVac™ vacuum technology, carrying a 7 year warranty, is critical to ensure both deep cooling and complete protection of the sensor.
Newton CCD and EMCCD
Both the Andor NewtonEM EMCCD spectroscopy detectors and Newton conventional CCD spectroscopy detector systems have been optimized for high performance spectroscopic applications. All Newton detector systems employ low noise electronics, cooling to -100°C, up to 95% peak Quantum Efficiency (QE), multi-MHz readout, USB 2.0 connectivity and versatile readout modes.
The NewtonEM employs Andor's pioneering electron multiplying CCD platform with exclusive sensor formats optimized for ultra-low light level spectroscopy applications. The combination of the NewtonEM's low noise electronics, high QE, fast readout, and the on-chip amplification (Electron Multiplication) option, makes this detector unsurpassed for the most demanding of ultra-low light level spectroscopy applications.
iDus InGaAs
Andor iDus InGaAs 491 array series provide the most compact and optimized research-grade platform for Spectroscopy applications up to either 1.7 or 2.2 μm. The Thermo-Electrically cooled, in-vacuum sensors reach cooling temperatures of -90ºC where the best signal-to-noise ratio can be achieved for the majority of the applications in this spectral region.
Shamrock Spectrographs
The Shamrock 193i, 303i, 500i and 750 imaging spectrographs are research-grade, high performance and rugged platforms designed for working with demanding low-light applications, but equally suited to routine measurements. These instruments can be seamlessly integrated with Andor’s world-class range of CCDs, Electron-Multiplying CCDs, Intensified CCDs, InGaAs cameras and single point detectors to offer a versatile, yet most sensitive modular solutions on the market.