Newsletter diode lasers, spectrographs, demo stock clearance
Product news & demo stock clearance from Azpect Photonics - AMS Technologies Nordic
Product news & demo stock clearance
We are pleased to inform you about the last product news of 2013 like the intelligent stepper motor linear stages and a high throughput imaging Holospec spectrograph.

Also, please make sure to check out our end-of-year discount on many Newport's products and the special pricing on this year’s demo stock. We can offer fantastic pricing on selected products from Newport, New Focus, Univet and Andor Technology (see below), but note that these items are only available at a first come first served basis!
NEWPORT end-of-year discount
We are pleased to announce that we will offer all our customers a special end-of-year discount on optics, opto-mechanics and manual positioning products from Newport. For any Newport orders placed with us during December will be given a special -10% discount! In many cases we can also offer a -10% discount on motion control products (please inquire).
Higher power at a variety of wavelengths: Vantage Tunable Diode Laser TLB-7100
The TLB-7100 Vantage™ Tunable Diode Laser is the latest addition to the New Focus family of lasers. An external cavity diode laser, the Vantage adopts the popular Littrow design to offer higher power at a variety of wavelengths to meet your experimental needs.

Each laser unit is optimized to a user specified wavelength to provide top performance and mode-hop-free piezo tuning while providing the option to manually coarse tune to another wavelength within the diode gain band.
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Intelligent stepper motor linear stages
The Newport FCL linear stage line is an evolution of the industry proven ILS stage. Building on the robust construction of recirculating ball technology in the guide and screw, the ILS was value engineered, keeping only the features necessary for everyday precision positioning needs.

This and the addition of an integrated stepper motor/controller make the FCL the ultimate choice in user-friendly precision stages. FCL stages come with guaranteed performance and quality that is expected from Newport motion products, which you can always rely on.

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LIP Series lab isolation platforms for horizontal vibration isolation
Newport's new LIP lab isolation platforms under VIBe line of vibration isolation products are ideal for applications that may require horizontal vibration isolation - lab balances and other sensitive equipment such as microscopes, shakers, etc.

LIP275 Series feature a sturdy, gray PVC platform with a non-stick neoprene surface supported by three or four vibration isolation bearings. These advanced isolation bearings effectively protect balances and other sensitive equipment from ambient vibrations and mechanical shocks.

LIP175 Series is designed for less demanding applications. New elastomeric vibration isolation bearings (patent pending) isolate the vibrations horizontally and vertically, protecting your experiments from environmental vibrations.
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Holospec imaging spectrograph - Gathering more photons... at pace!
Working with challenging photon fluxes? Need results in milliseconds, not minutes?

Andor Technology has launched a new spectroscopy detection solution based on the high throughput imaging Holospec spectrograph. The Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) grating-based Holospec offers up to seven times better collection power than traditional 1/3rd m Czerny-Turner spectrograph with superb high density multi-track spectroscopy properties. This enables superior photon collection efficiency when combined with Andor ultrasensitive detectors, e.g. Andor’s iDus 416 Low Dark Current Deep-Depletion (LDC-DD) CCD and single photon-sensitive Newton EMCCD series.

The Andor Holospec is the ideal solution for collecting more light and achieving better signal-to-noise ratio faster. Its rugged and compact design makes it an ideal tool for challenging industrial or in-the-field applications, while still offering research-grade performance suitable for academic research.
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Demo stock clearance
We are happy to offer you a selection of products from our demo-stock at amazing prices!
Among the products available for sale are rotation stages, piezo-motors, bread boards and lasers. These items have only been used for demonstrations and are in excellent condition. Manuals and packaging is included in most cases.
Please follow the link for further details on the individual items.