Demo equipment sales: fiber splicer and cleaver
Sales of demo equipment: GPX-3400 and LDC-400 from Vytran
Do not miss this unique opportunity: buy a demo glass processing and fusion splicing platform and a demo large diameter fiber cleaver for up to 45% off list price! The devices come generally overhauled by the manufacturer.

GPX-3400: glass processing and fusion splicing for fibers with up to 1,25mm cladding diameter


*The price includes a GPX-3400, a full set of accessories, installation and training in Europe.

LDC-400-A fully automated large diameter fiber cleaver with angle cleave option


The price includes a LDC-400 and a full set of accessories.

GPX-3400: glass processing and fusion splicing for fibers with up to 1,25mm cladding diameter
  • Fabrication of splices, tapers, couplers, combiners, end-caps and other fiber processing
  • Compatible with fibers ranging from 125 microns to 1,25mm cladding diameters
  • Compatible with SM, MM, PM and specialty fibers
  • Automated XY and rotation alignment
  • Precise control of glass processing conditions thanks to unique filament “furnace”
  • Accurate splice loss estimation using True Core Imaging™
  • Applications: ideal for R&D and production applications that demand accuracy, versatility and repeatability such as fiber laser and medical device manufacturing.
LDC-400-A fully automated large diameter fiber cleaver with angle cleave option
  • Produces repeatable, precise and consistent flat and angled cleaves
  • Fibers from 80µm up to 1.25mm in diameter (coating up to 3mm)
  • Compatible with different types of conventional and specialty fibers, including circular, PM, capillary tubes, non-circular fibers typically used in fiber laser systems, highly stressed fibers, photonic crystal fibers (PCF)
  • Fully automated: programmable cleave tension, rotation angle and scribe conditions
  • Applications: telecom, fiber lasers, sensing
Measurement of active dopant content in rare earth-doped preform slices
The MPS is a system used to determine active dopant content in rare earth-doped preforms. Detected dopants include Yb, Er, Nd, Sm, Ho, Tm. The system measures the absorption of light on thin preform slices, as a function of radial position, at a chosen wavelength.

The system is available in two configurations, with monochromator or SLED as light source. The software calculates the dopant content from absorption, using signal baseline obtained in pure silica as reference.
Measurement of RIP and analysis of fiber mode
Measurement of refractive index profile (RIP): IFA-100
  • For any type of fiber (SMF, PM, EDF, YDF, POF ….)
  • RIP at any wavelength between 500-1000nm
  • 1-, 2- and 3- dimensional index profiles
  • Refractive index accuracy as low as 0.00015

Improvement of the performance of the output beam of a fiber laser: FMA-10 Fiber Mode Analyzer
  • Measurement of modal content in a fiberoptic component or subassembly
  • Quantification of relative mode power of LMA fibers/splices/combiners/complete subassemblies of a fiber laser
  • Tracing at which point in the optical path coupling of energy has taken place
  • Measurements within seconds
  • Applications: high power lasers and amplifiers, MDM telecommunications fiber applications.
Specialty fibers
The specialty optical fibers available from AMS Technologies have high performance coatings that enable to operate at extreme temperatures and survive in harsh environments. An array of non-standard fibers is available to meet different fiber needs: custom core / cladding sizes, custom NAs, narrow / broad wavelength transmission, etc.
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Collection of light from a difficult location: bundled assemblies
2D arrays & specialist V-grooves
Are you working in a vacuum? Specialist feedthroughs
High temperature environment: gold and aluminium coated fibers
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