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Fiber to photodiode couplers, BioLED light sources, Molded in Place (MIP) aspheric lenses and power solutions for optical applications
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Discover how AMS Technologies can provide complete solutions combining products across power electronics and optical technologies. Besides standard products we design and develop custom solutions.

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Visit AMS Technologies at Physics Laboratory Superintendents' Conference on 17th APRIL 2013, Cavendish Labs, Cambridge University, to discuss your application.
Fiber to photodiode couplers
AMS Technologies offers packaging services of photodiodes at a low cost. Almost any photodiode available can be used with these fibers to photodiode couplers using single mode, multi mode or polarization maintaining fiber. These couplers allow the user to carry out their own alignment if they desire. Depending on requirement of the application the couplers can be provided with a range of options such as focusing lens, tilt or not tilt adjustment of lens. The last two versions are intended for OEM applications.
Stimulating light sources
The fast growing research field of optogenetics is helping science to learn more about the workings of the human brain. Better understanding has provided new insights into areas such as Parkinson's disease and dementia along with the possibility of future treatments. Key components to this research are BioLED light sources. These can be customized to suit a number of applications by using precisely-timed and high-intensity light pulses to excite and inhibit neurons. Wavelengths from 240 to 940nm are available, with proprietary “IntelliPulsing” technology, which provides significantly higher output power in pulse mode than a standard LEDs normal CW mode.
Molded in Place (MIP) aspheric lenses
Precision Glass Molding, PGM, is a manufacturing process used to make high quality lenses and optical components. The general nature of the process is the compression molding of glass preforms at high temperature under highly controlled conditions. Known as Molded In Place (MIP ) the lenses are molded directly into metallic holders retaining precision tolerances and eliminating the need to use epoxy when incorporating the lenses into a package. This can be an ideal solution for high volume automated assembly or in applications where strict outgassing requirements mean that epoxies are not the preferred option. Product information as well as a detailed explanation of the process can be found by following the link.
Power solutions for optical applications
Laser diodes come in various shapes and sizes, low and high power, pulsed and CW so need to be combined with the correct driver and controller to provide the best performance. Likewise very big laser systems might need a specialist capacitor bank to provide the precise pulses. AMS Technologies is unique in having knowledge across power electronics and optical technologies allowing us to offer a range of products that can be combined to provide a complete solution.