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We will find the most cost-effective solution to your thermal problem and constraints.

AMS Technologies has the competencies, the expertise and the team in place to solve any cooling challenge. We have know-how in multiple technologies like Peltier modules, air cooling, water cooling, direct evaporation cooling and in multiple environments like transport, industrial, medical, military, a.s.o.

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Low-Cost, High-Performance Thermoelectric Chillers
With cooling capacities from 230 Watts to 460 Watts, the TCube edge product family of thermoelectric recirculating chillers have been designed for cost-performance with features that have been specifically optimized for the laser, optics and life sciences markets.

Offering precise temperature control (±0.05°C repeatability), long-life reliability, quiet operation and environmental friendliness in a compact size, the chillers are available with either aluminium or stainless steel wetted materials to ensure compatibility with the systems being controlled.

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New Development Kit for Adjustable Liquid Cooling up to 1.6 kW
AMS Technologies is introducing a very compact and low-vibration solution for liquid cooling. Based on two linear compressors, the mLC-KIT 1600 allows to modulate the cooling power from almost zero up to the maximum value of about 1.6 kW. Linear compressors provide continuous, quiet, oil-free operation with high efficiency.

With its compact setup (440 mm x 184 mm x 365 mm), the mLC-KIT 1600 development kit is ideally suited as a cooling device for custom-specific liquid coolant circuits and can be easily integrated into 19-inch racks. The interface to the customer’s application comprises two R 3/8” connectors at the brazed plate heat exchanger and a digital frequency signal (5 V square wave signal with 20 Hz to 200 Hz) for cooling capacity control.
AMS Technologies Extends Design Services with Acquisition of Elforlight
AMS Technologies, Europe’s leading solution provider and distributor for optical, power and thermal management technologies, has acquired UK photonics company Elforlight.

With access to Elforlight’s know-how, AMS Technologies is now able to realize turnkey solutions, even for particularly challenging problems in the field of optics.
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