Capacitors for industrial applications at EAPPC 2016
Capacitors for industrial applications at EAPPC 2016 in Estoril, Portugal
AMS Technologies offers high power film capacitors to meet the most demanding industrial and military applications. If you are going to EAPPC European Pulse Power Conference 2016 from 18th to 22nd September 2016 in Estoril (Portugal) make sure to visit our booth and talk to our power experts.

Based on aluminum film with foil and segmented metallized film the capacitors provide lower heat dissipation and have a longer life compared to other dielectric types. Typical applications include pulse power, induction heating, electrical drives for large transport systems and inverters for renewable energy.
  • Voltage: AC 100 to 25,000 Volts, DC 100 to 200,000 Volts
  • Capacitance: 1 nano-farad to 50,000 microfarads
  • Current: DC to 5000 Amps rms up to 12000 KVAR
  • Physical Size: 0.25 cubic inches to 6 cubic feet
  • Packaging: metal or plastic case
  • Oil or resin filled
  • Air and water-cooled capacitors available for high-current and high frequency applications
The manufacturer, NWL Corporation, is one of the largest manufacturers of film capacitors in North America and a world leader in water-cooled DC link applications.
AC Voltage, Resonant Tank, Harmonic Filtering
Applications where an alternating voltage can be continuously applied across the capacitor. Generally resonant tank circuit applications, commutation and harmonic filtering.
High Energy Storage, Pulse Discharge
Applications where the capacitor would hold voltage for short duration and discharge into load. Damping and ringing voltage generates RMS current.
DC Continuous Voltage, DC Filtering, DC Link
Applications where capacitor remains at a DC voltage for continuous operation. Generally a small percentage of AC voltage ripple super imposed into DC voltage generates RMS current at ripple frequency.
Snubber Protection, Clamping, Commutation
Application where a voltage spike or surge charges capacitor in short duration. Repetitive pulses can generate RMS current in high frequency applications. IGBT mountable options.
High precision HF current transformers in our online shop
A range of high precision HF current transformers is available from the online shop of AMS Technologies. They provide non-destructive and non-contact measurement of currents from µA up to 25kA over a frequency range of 0.5Hz to 500MHz and beyond.

Typical applications include laser and plasma research, EMC and EMI research, semiconductor gate switching, power system barmollies and transients, capacitor and electrostatic discharges, corona wire discharge, critical monitoring of current fluctuations.
About AMS Technologies
AMS Technologies is a leading pan-European solution provider and distributor of high-tech, leading-edge components, systems and equipment in the fields of Power Technologies, Thermal Management and Optical Technologies.

The business area Power Technologies encompasses a plethora of components and systems for high voltage, high frequency and low voltage, as well as various power supplies and drivers. We have provided solutions for a multitude of applications in different market sectors.

Thanks to the breadth of the product range, we are able to determine the ideal selection of products from different manufacturers to suit specific requirements and provide a proposal for an optimised configuration. This way, customers can get the required products for their design – whether a relay, a capacitor or other component – in standard or customised versions, and all from a single supplier.
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