Newsletter beam analyzer, capacitors, fiber sensing, laser modules
Beam analyzer, capacitors, fiber sensing, laser modules
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Beam profilerBeing able to know the exact details of the laser beam you are working with is a key requirement for research or the monitoring of industrial processes.

A new beam analyzer uses patented technology (unique tomographic image reconstruction of 2D/3D images) to measure beam profile, beam size, beam shape, position and power. This stand alone unit has a small footprint, with a powerful built-in touch screen and measuring head. The wide spectral range from 190nm to 2700nm can measure beam sizes from 2um to 10mm with 0.1um resolution.
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Extensive range of capacitors for a variety of applications
CapacitorsAMS Technologies enjoys excellent relationships with several suppliers that manufacture capacitors for many different applications. Leveraging many years of manufacturing expertise and design experience we are able to service any capacitor requirement for applications from 1kV up to 100kV.

Our product range offers a huge variety of geometric shapes, terminals and sizes to meet all your requirements, plus different construction types of oil, film metallization and even self healing capabilities. Besides an extensive choice of standard options we can develop custom configurations tailored to your specific needs.

Typical applications may be for Marx and plasma generators, military systems using HF & RF, HV and LV single shot and pulse applications as well as lightning simulation.

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Fiber sensing
This fiber sensing interrogator uses a fiber Bragg grating allowing reflection of certain wavelengths of light. When used together with an interrogation analyzer this allows precise sensing measurements.

The unit is ideal for deployment in down hole drilling, infrastructure, mining safety, electrical grid, perimeter sensing, aerospace, wind turbines and many other harsh environments. This device offers excellent wavelength accuracy (1pm wavelength resolution), ultra-low power consumption, small form factor, fast response (5kHz), no moving parts and lifetime calibration
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High power, single emitter based module
Offering high power (750W) and high reliability in a very compact package this unit is ideal for exploring new applications such as material processing, target illumination and high power pumping. Each sub laser unit consists of a diode which has been subjected to facet passivation and is enhanced even further through extensive burn-in, testing and screening. The module is rugged and ready to go.
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