Analytica 2016: hyperspectral imager, cooling solutions
Hyperspectral imager, vari-focal lens, compressor system, consultancy and design services, thermoelectric recirculating chillers
Optical & Thermal Solutions
Analytica is the leading international fair for innovative laboratory technology and future-oriented biotechnology taking place in Munich from 10-13 May 2016.

As leading pan-European solution provider in the fields of optical technologies and thermal management AMS Technologies has a huge offering for laboratories. Visit us at stand 425 in hall A2.
Our highlights at Analytica

Extensive range of optical technologies for analytical applications

Optical Technologies

Our product offering for analytical and laboratory applications covers all your needs for optical technologies.

From small footprint optical components to assemblies and systems, from a single component to solutions matching different products to the design of custom products: talk to us about your requirements, we will find the suitable solution.

We help you achieve the right temperature for bio reagents and liquids

Thermal Management

Setting, achieving and maintaining the right temperature is key in many laboratory applications. The chemistry determines tolerances of temperature homogeneity, temperatures for conservation or temperature ramps to be driven.

The question of how to achieve these temperatures may have various answers depending on the specific requirements of each and every application.

Live demo of a hyperspectral imager in push-broom modus
What do you think may be an eye-catching sample that can be scanned by a hyperspectral imager? Visit us and find it out! We will show how a hyperspectral imager operating in push-broom modus acquires VIS-NIR hyperspectral data with continuous spectral and spatial coverage.

The imager is ideal for applications where compactness, lightweight and high speed are desired. Compared to conventional cameras it captures beside the image the spectral information for every pixel giving the needed information for a further chemical analysis.

Typical applications are precision agriculture, biomedical diagnostic, food safety, material sorting, remote sensing, forensics, airborne UAV/UAS.
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The highest speed vari-focal lens in the world comes to analytica
A live demo will show how the vari-focal lens shifts the light coming from a laser operating at two wavelengths. The focal length can be varied in 1 micro second by supplying voltage to the KTN crystal.

The lens provides extremely fast time response, allowing easier automation because shifting the light is driven completely electronically and not using any moving mechanical parts.

The vari-focal lens can be employed in all application areas that require the light to be focused, such as microscopy, OCT, various types of experiments, sensing, laser processing.
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mLC Kit: a compact sealed compressor system for the cooling of bio reagents
The newly released mLC-Kit utilizes a low vibration and low noise mini rotary compressor. Its speed controlled BLDC motor allows to efficiently control the temperature to below 20% of maximum load conditions.

At 5°C water temperature and 200 W of cooling capacity its power consumption is only 115 W.
AMS Technologies offers extensive consultancy and design services
How to control condensation, how to heat or cool rapidly or how to create temperature gradients or homogeneous tempreature profiles are some of the common tasks we like to develop solutions for our customers.

Our engineers utilize numerical, analytical and empirical methods for thermal design studies, prototype builds and testing.
Thermoelectric recirculating chillers
Our thermoelectric recirculating chillers are compact stand-alone units that are available in numerous configurations to meet individual lab application requirements.

University and industrial labs appreciate them for their small footprint and highly precise temperature control, even near ambient. They have already been employed in a variety of laboratory applications such as scanning electron microscope, controlling and monitoring of chemical reactions, drug testing, analytical.
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