Nordic Optical adhesives, UV and heat curing
Adhesives and epoxies for optical applications, dispensing units, UV curing and heat curing
Optical adhesives and epoxies for optical component assembly

The requirements for optical adhesives are as wide as their applications. The adhesives, resins and sealants available from AMS Technologies have been developed and optimised to fulfil the specific needs of diverse optical applications.

Adhesives optimised for diverse optical applications
  • Adhesives for both gluing of components within the optical path and assembly of optics components outside the optical path.
  • Adjustment of Refractive Index in accordance with customer’s specifications.
  • High/low Glass Transition Temperature (Tg).
The adhesives enable high precision fixation and feature high elasticity as well as high humidity and temperature resistance.
Adhesives for optical waveguides
  • Custom Refractive Indexes on request, high/low Glass Transition Temperature
  • Refractive Index adjusted to match silica glass
  • Compliance with Telcordia Standards (high temperature, high humidity)
Adhesives for fixing optical fibers in V-grooves
  • Ultra-hard
  • High temperature and humidity resistance
  • Good transparency, low viscosity
Adhesives for fiber coupling
  • High durability
  • Low viscosity
Sealants for optical devices
  • High bonding strength
  • High flexibility, high viscosity
  • High moisture proof, long pot life
Adhesives for precise fixation of optical components
  • Low shrinkage rate
Resins with high/low Refractive Index
  • From 1,40 to 1,72 after curing
  • Other Refractive Indexes on request
UV curing adhesives from Norland (NOAs)
Norland’s optical adhesives are optimised for applications that require fast, precise and steady bonding. They cure within few seconds when exposed to UV light. They enable critical alignment and exact positioning of optical components in a system.

The adhesives are transparent and solvent-free and enable excellent light transmission over a wide spectral range.
Optical adhesives for high temperatures Epo-Tek 353ND
This adhesive is ideal for high temperatures, provides stable performance at 200°C and withstands even 300-400°C for several hours. It is suited to bond fiberoptics, ceramics, glass and plastics and is employed in the production of single mode and multi-mode fiber connectors. The recommended curing time is 30 minutes at 110°C.
Dispensing units and accessories
Our portfolio comprehends also an extensive range of dispensing units, from dispensing syringes, dispensing handguns and dispensing needles up to pneumatic dispensing units. We provide also accessories such as syringe holders and caps.
Curing devices
UV curing: UV LED spot
The compact UTARGET is ideal for the fast and flexible hardening of light curable adhesives. The irradiance of the LED source can be adjusted according to the application.
  • Wavelengths at  365, 385, 395 and 405 nm
  • Infinite range of LED spot sizes  
  • LED irradiation up to 8000 mW/cm² (1400 mW/cm² at 365nm and 4W input power)
Heat curing: first remotely controlled curing oven
1Cure is the first curing oven for MT and single mode fibers that can be remotely controlled. The required temperature profile can be set and adjusted with the 4” full colour LCD touch screen. The temperature monitoring at the actual connector fixture eliminates temperature error. The network connectivity enables remote programmability and access.
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