Tunable laser module, mini liquid cooling kit, lenses, drivers
Two new development kits: high power tunable laser module and mini liquid cooling kit for integration directly into OEM systems, new selection tool for lenses in our shop
Development kit: high power tunable laser module for sensing applications
The development platform consists of a 1550nm tunable laser with narrow 10kHz linewidth and a compact, high performance EDFA, both integrated into a housing and controlled by software via micro USB.

The result is a laser module with high power, which maintains all features of the laser such as narrow linewidth and ultra-low FM noise at an affordable price. With the modular approach of the platform, higher powers could be achieved by integrating a different fiber amplifier. The platform can be adapted towards customer requirements.

Thanks to the high power the platform can be used in all applications where measurements over a long distance are required, such as LIDAR and remote sensing, wind speed measurement, atmospheric LIDAR, fiber sensing, metrology, acoustic and seismic sensing, interferometric measurements, oil and gas sensing, pipeline monitoring
Easy selection of aspheric lenses in our online shop
Our online shop offers an extensive range of aspheric lenses. Thanks to our new selection tool the selection of the appropriate lens is now very easy: you can search by wavelength, diameter, focal length, numerical aperture and many other criteria.
Laser diode drivers and TEC controllers in our online shop
A broad portfolio of laser diode drivers and high precision, ultra-stable Temperature Controllers (TECs) for laser diode temperature control is available from the online shop of AMS Technologies.

The laser diode drivers modules address the requirements for low, medium and high power laser diodes, whether driving single laser diodes, arrays or complete diode laser modules. They can supply up to 1500W.

The TEC controllers provide thermal stability and enable adjustments of the laser temperature and thus changes of the laser output wavelength, laser drive current or modal stability.
Mini liquid cooling kit for integration directly into OEM systems
The newly released mLC Kit is an easy to integrate, compact sealed compressor system for the cooling of bio reagents and laser systems with a cooling capacity of up to 500 Watt.

The mLC Kit utilizes a low vibration and low noise mini rotary compressor. All components are carefully designed to match each other. The Kit is sealed and OEMs can easily integrate it into their own liquid coolant circuit and electronics controls. The interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit is a brazed plate heat exchanger which is suitable for a variety of coolant fluids.

With its small dimension (200x193x80 mm WxHxD) it fits into areas which are space constrained. The 24 VDC input voltage makes it suitable for applications requiring mobility such as portable cooling boxes, catering trolleys or portable medical applications.
Selection of the chiller for your laser now easier than ever
There is now a quick and simple way leading to the suitable chiller with very few clicks. AMS Technologies has just released a web-based selection tool for thermoelectric and vapor compression chillers with nominal cooling capacity ranging from 160W to 11kW.

Whether thermoelectric or compression based, stand-alone or rackmount: you at first select the type of chiller you are looking for. Should you not be sure about what type is the most suitable one, you can make a comparison among different types.

The click on the type leads you to a page where you can enter your required values: cooling capacity, coolant fluid set temperature and ambient temperature. The next page shows you an overview of the chillers that fulfill your cooling requirements including a comparison of their cooling capacity in a diagram. You can now download the datasheet or, where applicable, configure your chiller directly in the tool. For the configuration of the chiller you can select pums, fans, fittings and other options. The tool gives advice about input power, recommended options based on your selection.
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