Newsletter Tunable lasers, cabinet cooling, film capacitors
Tunable lasers, amplifiers, cabinet cooling, excimer lasers, film capacitors

Flexible tunable laser source

Tunable Laser SourceThe Pure Photonics laser platform provides stable, narrow linewidth allied with tenability in a compact easy to use package. A key attribute of the platform is the flexibility it provides through sensible design allowing it to be optimized for a particular application, such as fibre optic sensing, LIDAR, atomic clock systems.

Whether it is enhanced noise performance (lower RIN), smoother tuning or faster movement between output wavelength an important point is best performance achieved by co-operation with the end user for better understanding of the application.

An evaluation board is available to allow easy testing of the unit in a benchtop arrangement. Since it is based upon a design that is widely used in telecoms applications reliability and dependability are inherent and maintained through extensive reliability tests.  AMS Technologies is proud to represent the Pure Photonics range in Europe.

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The right amplifier for your projects

AmplifierAMS Technologies provides Multiport High Power Fiber Amplifier Modules (YEDFA) up to 37dBm with 1 port. Other power configurations are available. This YEDFA addresses applications such as test & measurement, free space communication, optical distribution systems which require high reliability.

The unit is compact, powerful, stable and reliable. This YEDFA is based on a dual stage amplification configuration, pre-amplifier and power amplifier and the use of selected multi-channel splitters with extremely low IL and high reliability.

We have been successful and continue to be so in supporting our customers’ projects offering suitable amplifier to meet their specific requirements.

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Precise cabinet cooling and humidity control

Cabinet cooling
Elmeko is a manufacturer of enclosure equipment, thermoelectric coolers and enclosure heaters. They specialize and have experience in fresh air for the food industry, decentralized air conditioning systems for safe traffic engineering and air-conditioned pitch systems for higher reliability applications.

Elmeko develops and produces high-quality switchgear cabinet components needed for the reliable and practical operation of a control or switching station. This includes both air-conditioning equipment (e.g. cooling, heating, dehumidifying and ventilating components) and lighting equipment as well as accessories such as document pockets. Many Elmeko products can be viewed, compared and purchased through our user friendly webshop.

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Material processing efficient Excimer stripping with gas

IPEX-700Easy to use, simple to service and economical to operate, IPEX-700 lasers combine the benefits of high precision excimer processing with the lowest total cost of ownership. They have been designed for medium duty cycle operation in industrial and  R&D environments, delivering high power ultraviolet. IPEX lasers offer long gas lifetimes, superior optical stability and precise control of laser operating parameters.

Typical application for Excimer is clean, non-contact stripping of a wide variety of wire and insulation types.  Excimer  is usually preferred where  mechanically fragile wires are used. This 2mm wire has been stripped of it insulation 12um thick from one side only.  

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NWL – A cap above the rest

Our partner NWL is a world leader in water-cooled DC link applications, focused on film capacitors (aluminum film with foil & segmented metallized film) exclusively because of their lower heat dissipation and longer life compared to other dielectric types.

NWL is a leader in the design, manufacture and service of capacitors, transformers, power supplies and inductors, with over 85 years of experience and knowledge. The product portfolio ranges from high end medical imaging and semiconductor processing tools, to heavy duty oil and gas de-watering equipment.

NWL capacitors are used in the most demanding applications: pulse power, induction heating, electrical drives for large transport systems and inverters for renewable energy.

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Upcoming Roadshows

Meet and speak to experienced team members from AMS Technologies to discuss your project or application at the following locations and dates:

⦁    17th March – STFC  in the R22 coffee Lounge
⦁    4 & 5th April -  SU2P conference Edinburgh
⦁    7th April -  Fraunhofer Institute Glasgow
⦁    8th April - Heriot Watt IPAQ’s coffee morning
⦁    10 to 12th May – PCIM Nuremberg, Germany
⦁    13th May – Analytica Munich, Germany

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