New excimer lasers and chiller selection tool
New excimer laser, DPSS lasers, cw UV laser, pulsed TEA CO2 lasers, chiller selection tool
Laser systems & chiller selection tool

AMS Technologies has made hundreds of installations of laser systems throughout Europe. Having a lot of experience in many different applications enables us to identify the best system and find the best approach for new projects and challenges.

In this newsletter we introduce, among others, a new series of compact excimer lasers and a web-based selection tool for
thermoelectric and vapor compression chillers.

New medium power excimer lasers with reduced running costs
The excimer lasers available from AMS Technologies have already been installed in a variety of applications both in industrial and R&D environments. LightMachinery, leading manufacturer of high quality excimer lasers (formerly sold under the Lumonics brand), has released the new, re-designed, IPEX-700 series.

Designed to offer a new line of excimer lasers for medium duty cycle operation, the IPEX-700 lasers are well suited for a broad range of applications including for instance pulsed laser deposition, PLD. These lasers feature:
  • Superior, extended gas life time, leading to lower running and maintenance cost
  • Much smaller foot print
  • Full computer control (lap-top computer included with laser)
  • Air cooling, up to 25 Hz repetition rate
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High power, nano sec DPSS lasers open up new possibilities in material processing
With their impressive power levels, short pulses and high repetition rates, the Q-switched IR, green and UV DPSS lasers available from AMS Technologies make applications technically and economically possible in many areas:
  • Display panel ablation: ablative lithography
  • AMOLED displays: green laser annealing (replacing more expensive UV lasers)
  • Microelectronics: processing of flexible PCBs, e.g. singulation and via drilling
  • Photovoltaics: rapid laser patterning (edge ablation with higher speed and lower cost)
  • Processing of hard materials: laser cutting and milling of for instance polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide
  • Extreme UV (EUV) generation: for next generation of lithography processes

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High power cw UV laser, offering up to hundreds of mW at 244 or 257 nm
Finding DPSS lasers that offer hundreds of mW in the 240-250 nm range is still difficult. For such applications, a frequency doubled Argon ion laser may be the best and most powerful solution.

The Lexel-95 SHG laser from the well-established company Cambridge Laser Labs provides these high power levels from an Argon laser coupled with high beam quality and long life time. Typical applications include:
  • UV Raman spectroscopy
  • Writing of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG)
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • Interferometric optic testing
  • Semiconductor photolithograph
  • Capillary electrophoresis

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Powerful, pulsed CO2 lasers are more efficient than CW CO2 lasers
Light Machinery offers an interesting range of rare, pulsed TEA CO2 lasers. Compared to more common continuous wave (cw) CO2 lasers, these pulsed lasers offer several advantages.

The material interaction of the short, high power pulses from TEA CO2 lasers is quite different from that of long pulse and continuous CO2 lasers. High definition processing with excellent edge quality can be obtained. Plastic materials can be selectively removed from a metal backing, leaving the metal layer untouched.

In some applications pulsed CO2 lasers can even replace pulsed UV excimer lasers, which are much more expensive to run. Examples of applications include:
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT), with ultrasound
  • Wire stripping, esp. in Medical device manufacturing
  • Laser cleaning, e.g. mold and die cleaning
  • Paint stripping
  • One-shot marking, especially in polymers/plastics
  • PCB via drilling
  • Flex circuit processing
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Selection of the chiller for your laser now easier than ever
There is now a quick and simple way leading to the suitable chiller with very few clicks. AMS Technologies has just released a web-based selection tool for thermoelectric and vapor compression chillers with nominal cooling capacity ranging from 160W to 11kW.

Whether thermoelectric or compression based, stand-alone or rackmount: you at first select the type of chiller you are looking for. Should you not be sure about what type is the most suitable one, you can make a comparison among different types.

The click on the type leads you to a page where you can enter your required values: cooling capacity, coolant fluid set temperature and ambient temperature. The next page shows you an overview of the chillers that fulfill your cooling requirements including a comparison of their cooling capacity in a diagram. You can now download the datasheet or, where applicable, configure your chiller directly in the tool. For the configuration of the chiller you can select pums, fans, fittings and other options. The tool gives advice about input power, recommended options based on your selection.
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