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Lasers, spectrometers, x-ray imaging, TE recirculating chillers and glycol-water cold plates
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New applications for telecom wavelengths
Higher power in the traditional telecom wavelength of 1550nm has continued to open additional new applications. New lasers that can have a CW power of 300mw and a narrow band of just 0.15nm are now being considered to seed higher power and new wavelength fibre lasers, as well as being used for fibre sensing. Additional powers up to 150watts at 1530nm can be used for medical applications and LIDAR.
Spectrometers UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR
Spectrometers are used to measure the properties of light for a variety of applications including chemical analysis, environmental, life science, sensing, defence and forensic research. Using ultra-sensitive CCD and InGaAs detectors provides spectrometers in range of UV, VIS, NIR and SWIR, with highly-efficient holographic Volume Phase Grating (VPG). They are designed to meet specific needs with a wide dynamic range, superior quantum efficiency (QE) and high signal to noise (S/N). The USB interface provides ease of use.
Reliable, high speed x-ray imaging
Automated product quality inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), weld inspection and computed tomography (CT) are just a few applications for reliable, high speed x-ray imaging. X-Scan’s unique device structure and shielding design can offer this along, with extended operating lifetime in sometimes harsh environments. The system uses Time Delay Integration (TDI), an established scanning technology capable of increasing exposure times without compromising scanning speed and inspection time. TDI also offers particular advantages when used in high-energy x-ray, gamma ray, betatron and neutron imaging applications.
Ultra-compact air-cooled recirculating chillers
The Oasis integrates reliable thermoelectric technology, widely used throughout the world for over 50 years in applications from spacecraft to home appliances. With lifetimes exceeding 200,000 hours, the thermoelectric modules at the core of this chiller allow precise thermal control and ultra-high reliability. The Oasis responds nearly instantaneously to changes in load. It is designed to operate in the modules’ most energy-efficient range and typically uses less than 100W of wall power. Typical applications include low light CCD cameras, diode lasers, OEM medical equipment and laboratory equipment.
Customized cooling with aluminium water-glycol cold plates
Friction stir welded aluminium cooler plates for glycol-water are usually customised by AMS to the electronics engineer's specific requirements. Together with our partner, we have a catalogue of around 100 designs from which new variations can be easily realised. We also provide solutions for all bigger power semiconductor modules in different configurations. Also available is an extensive library of empirically-verified thermal resistance and pressure drop curves to aid any bespoke requirements.