Laser systems and cooling solutions
Laser Systems and Cooling Solutions
Laser Systems and Cooling Solutions

AMS Technologies has expanded the optical product offering for the research and scientific community by adding high end laser systems to the established comprehensive range of photonics components and measurement tools.

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Solid State Lasers
AMS Technologies offers a wide range of Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers.

The lower power series (2-12W) is available in IR, green and UV and is well suited for many marking and trimming tasks.

The range of pulsed, high power DPSS lasers features pulse lengths in the order of 50ns and repetition rates in the 10kHz range. These lasers deliver very high average powers, from 190W up to 3.2 kilowatt in the IR (1064nm), up to 380W in green (532nm), as well as 80W from the new UV laser (355nm). Originally developed for industrial applications, primarily in materials processing and ablation in the microelectronics market, these DPSS lasers, being on the forefront of technology and offering high-end performance, are also suited for process development in industrial research institutes and for scientific applications.
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Gas Lasers
The standard, continuous wave (cw) argon and krypton-ion lasers have for long time been “the work horses” of many laser labs, used in applications such as spectroscopy, fluorescence and laser doppler velocimetry.

The TEA-CO2 lasers offer short pulses/high peak powers. They operate in the IR wavelength area at 10.6µm with output power levels of up to 300W. These lasers are well suited for precision processing and drilling of non-metallic materials, in for example the medical industry.

Excimer lasers operate in the UV wavelength range, with the specific output wavelength (193-351nm) depending on the choice of excimer gas. Excimer lasers can be used for ablative machining of polymer layers used in flex circuits and micro machining of hard materials.

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Diode Laser Systems
AMS Technologies portfolio of diode laser systems features a broad range of output power levels as well as different wavelengths. Applications are diverse and include micro material processing (of e.g. plastic materials), medical/diagnostic and metrology with for instance fiber sensors.

We can offer systems with an optical output power of more than 900W at specific wavelengths or optionally even with several wavelengths. The devices consist of multiple single emitter laser diodes in a sealed, rugged industrial package. Long lifetime of the laser diodes is achieved through a proprietary laser diode facet passivation technology.
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Fiber Lasers
Fiber lasers are being more and more used in many laser applications. Our portfolio includes versatile multi-purpose continuous wave as well as Q-switched (pulsed) fiber lasers, with output power levels up to 20W at 1064nm.

These lasers are very rugged because of their simple design and easy to integrate and use due to their compact size. Their output is delivered through an optical fiber, so it is very easy to bring the laser light close to the work task.
These lasers can be used in a variety of applications, typically in different types of marking, micro-welding and plastic-welding.
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Cooling Solutions: Recirculating Chillers, Cabinet Cooling, Heat Sinks
Cooling solutions
AMS Technologies offers the entire range of laser cooling solutions including recirculating chillers from 150 W to 95 kW, a variety of heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources as well as cabinet cooling for sensitive equipment.

Thermoelectric recirculating chillers are available from 150W to 950W of cooling capacity and offer precise temperature control to +/-0.05°C. These chillers feature whisper-quiet operation, vibration-free operation, world wide power compatibility and a high efficiency variable voltage source that consumes energy only when needed.

Compressor based chillers are available from 300W to 95kW of cooling capacity and are designed to guarantee trouble-free operation of laser equipment. Features include a variety of monitoring and safety options, pump options, different enclosures, fluid compatibility, low noise and low vibrations options.
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Our Partners

AMS Technologies has recently signed agreements with a number of manufacturers of laser systems.

Lexel Laser develops and manufactures stable, reliable, long-life gas-ion laser systems that find their application in exacting research labs in universities and government agencies as well as rugged industrial and mobile applications.

LightMachinery is a leading manufacturer of excimer and CO2 pulsed gas lasers for usage in industry and academic R&D.

Powerlase Photonics Ltd is an innovative, independent, high power laser company, focused on powerful nanosecond Q-switched diode pumped solid state lasers.