Laser diodes, photodiodes, thermoelectric controller, thermoelectric chiller
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High efficiency 18 Watt laser diode at 980 nm

Eagleyard AMS Technologies would like to introduce you the new single-emitter laser diode with an optical output power up to 18 Watt. This laser with high efficiency (0.9W/A) and compact design is suitable for medical purpose but also used for various scientific and industrial applications involving biological research, spectral analysis, interferometry, metrology, sensing and a broad spectrum of other applications.

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Patient monitoring with photodiodes
Photodiodes play a major role in medical equipment such as patient monitoring systems, pulse oximeters and bone densitometers and glucose monitoring. The photodetector is the key part of a pulse oximeter which detects two wavelengths from LEDS (typically 660nm and 910nm) as they pass through the patient. The changing absorbance at each of the wavelengths is measured, allowing determination of the pulsing of the arterial blood alone. Our solution approach enables us to offer a wide variety of photodiodes and detectors and design and integrate light sources and detectors into many optoelectronic devices.
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Efficient PWM temperature control
This 5 A, 5 V thermoelectric controller combines high efficiency Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) control with excellent temperature stability. Portable, airborne and other space-constrained temperature control applications are ideal places to use the WTCP. The WTCP is highly efficient, and usually does not require any additional heat sinking
The WTCP5V5A can operate from a single 5 V power supply, or the WTCP and load can be driven from separate power supplies when even lower output current noise is required. The available WTCPEVAL evaluation circuit board includes everything needed to quickly configure the WTCP for a wide range of applications and load conditions. The on-board feedback loop parameter adjustment switches simplify tuning, and dramatically reduce development time.
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Quiet, cool and compact chiller
The ThermoCube thermoelectric chiller is whisper-quiet. It is chosen for its compact size, precise temperature control and reliability. It also heats and cools.

Advantages of this impressive chiller include semi-custom design with an extensive array of options. It can be used for pressurized gases as well as aircraft hydraulic fuel, where PAO can act as a coolant and a di-electric.

You can choose from a wide range of options or we can develop a custom configuration for you. Typical applications are lasers, analytical equipment, scanning electron microscopes, low-light CCD cameras, small turbo or diffusion pumps, solar/flat panel displays, drones and in-flight and military systems.
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