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Cambridge Roadshow, DFB lasers, photodiodes, TEC controllers, laser diode drivers, recirculating chillers
Join us at the Cambridge University Roadshow on the 28th January 2014 at the Cavendish Laboratory. - First floor of the Bragg building

Distributed Feedback (DFB) Lasers

DFB Lasers
Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers are single mode lasers containing an integrated grating structure. The result is a single mode emission at an almost precise wavelength with an extremely narrow line width. Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers have built-in resistors to allow mode-hop-free tunability.

These products are used for various applications e.g. fibre testing, Raman spectroscopy, frequency conversion, excitation of certain atomic resonances such as cesium and rubidium. A number of these units are being used in space for GPS satellites. Wavelengths are available between 633nm and 1083nm with output powers from 0 to 150mw and in several packing options.

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YAG Series of photodetectors

YAG Series of photodetectors can be used in photovoltaic or photoconductive mode. These detectors are all N on P silicon units operating in full depleted mode to satisfy high speed requirements of military and commercial applications.

They are available as single element model with 100mm2 or 5mm2 sensing area or quad photodetectors offering sensing areas of approx. 19 & 38mm2.

They are optimized for high response at 1060nm and can be used for sensing low light intensities, such as the light reflected from objects illuminated by a YAG laser beam for ranging applications.

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TEC Controllers

Temperature Controllers
TEC controllers are used in thermoelectric or resistive heater temperature control applications to maintain a precise temperature. Their bi-directional control can be used for both cooling and heating applications.

Advantages includes Master/Slave multiple units for more current, excellent stability across temperature range, control above and below ambient temperature, small package size. The controllers feature optional heat sink for high power applications from 15A to ≥25A, 12-36V DC input voltage, 0.1 to 25A output load rating, 0 to 36VDC with split supply, power resolution of ­±0.2%, -20°C to 70°C operating temperature.

Typical applications include testing and measuring, printing, medical diagnostic, life science, electronics cooling, analytical procedures.

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Laser diode driver PLD12.5K-CH

Laser Diode DriverThe PLD12.5K-CH is a 12.5Amp driver in a small chassis mount package. Modular packaging makes it easy to integrate into your system. The unit includes user adjustments and status indicators.

On board trimpots set current limit and current setpoint. Alternately, you can use the modulation / remote input for laser driver current setpoint.

Switches select Constant Current or Constant Power mode and photodiode range. The unit occupies a small package size with dual supply operation, +5V to +30V DC and excellent current stability of <0.05%. This product is ideal for applications where current stability is critical and space is tight.

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Recirculating Chillers

Recirculating chillers
The recirculating chillers from Solid State Cooling are small, stand alone and quiet. They have temperature control systems with full PID control for both heating and cooling and are offered with 160 to 400W of nominal cooling capacity.

Oasis Three is a very energy efficient 300W chiller achieving thermal control from -5 to 45 °C to ± 0.05 °C, even near ambient. It responds instantaneously to changes in load. Its smooth-flow centrifugal pump keeps operation vibration free.

The chillers are commonly used in labs, diode or semiconductor lasers, low-light CCD cameras, medical equipment, scanning electron microscopes and many other applications.

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Upcoming Roadshows

See us at one of our upcoming roadshows:

28/1/14        Cavendish Labs Cambridge
25/2/14        University College London
26/2/14        Imperial College London
27/2/14        ORC Southampton

Additional dates to be confirmed in: Scotland, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester and Durham.

Also visit PEMD in Manchster on 8-10/4/14.

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