DFB lasers, fused fibre components, solid state chillers, laser drivers
DFB lasers, fused fibre components, solid state chillers, quantum cascade laser drivers, stimulating light sources, aspheric lenses and collimators

NEW ! Free space, high power, narrow line 780 & 852nm DFB Lasers for Interferometry & Spectroscopy

Tunable Laser SourceNew DFB lasers at 780 & 852nm are now available in butterfly housing with a window. Its integrated beam collimation and circular beam profile makes this laser diode very attractive for metrology applications, as well as interferometry or Rb and Cs spectroscopy.

The compact design combined with the narrow linewidth performance opens new opportunities. The DFB-852 diode with window consists of an integrated thermistor, thermo-electric cooler (TEC) and a monitor diode.

The device is capable of providing 100mW @ 852 nm with a spectral linewidth of 2 MHz and below. The DFB-780 laser is the same but has a power of up to 80mW @ 780 nm. A full range of diodes from 630 – 1120nmn are also available.

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High Power Fused Fibre components

AmplifierNew fibre lasers and fibre systems require high quality, reliable and cost effective components, which can be achieved by using Fused Fibre Technology. This provides excellent performance especially for high power applications such as amplifiers, fibre lasers, sensor systems and medical instruments, which use our pump combiners. 

Various standard configurations are available such as PM (2+1) x1 or PM (6+1) x1 which handles several hundreds of watts. The latter combines six pump lasers and one PM signal channel into one double cladding PM output fibre.  Specific customer requirements can also be designed to suit individual needs.

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Solid State Chillers

Cabinet cooling
Small and stand alone, these re-circulating chillers are very quiet. The temperature control system with full PID control for both heating and cooling achieves thermal control from -5 to 45 °C to ± 0.05 °C, even near ambient. Nominal cooling capacity varies from 160W to 400w.

Oasis Three is a very energy efficient 300W chiller which responds instantaneously to changes in load. Its smooth-flow centrifugal pump keeps operation vibration free. These units are popular for labs, diode or semiconductor lasers, low-light CCD cameras, medical equipment, scanning electron microscopes and many other applications.

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Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

Quantum cascade lasers are used in a number of spectroscopic applications such as remote sensing of environmental gases. In order to maintain their characteristically tight center line-widths and minimize jitter, the lasers must be powered by drivers with exceptionally low current noise density, which in turn can lead to narrower linewidths.

For example our 500 mA QCL laser driver exhibits noise performance of 0.4 µA RMS to 100 kHz, and an average current noise density of 1 nA / √Hz - the lowest available today. Powering your QCL with the correct driver will enable better performance at lower cost and can be modified to suit your particular QCL application.

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Stimulating light sources

The fast growing research field of optogenetics is helping science to learn more about the workings of the human brain. Better understanding has provided new insights into areas such as Parkinson's disease and dementia along with the possibility of future treatments.

Key components to this research are BioLED light sources. These can be customized to suit a number of applications by using precisely-timed and high-intensity light pulses to excite and inhibit neurons. Wavelengths from 240nm to 940nm are available, with proprietary “IntelliPulsing” technology, which provides significantly higher output power in pulse mode than a standard LEDs normal CW mode.

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Aspheric Lenses & Collimators

Aspheric lenses are known for their optimal performance but are often considered expensive. By using the most consistent and economical methods of precision molding, aspheres are now widely available in many variations and large volumes.

They can be used in free space applications or assemblies such as Large Beam Fusion™ Collimators.  These collimators utilize a fiber fusion technology which enables the collimators to be used at very high power. Standard configurations are available for 1550nm, 1310nm, and 1064nm with beam diameters from 0.9mm to 12.0mm. Custom designs for other beam diameters or wavelengths (from 400 to 2000nm) can also be made per your specific requirements.

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