Newsletter lenses, circulators, BioLEDs, recirculating chillers
Aspheric lenses, fiber optic circulators, BioLEDs, recirculating chillers
Green and blue aspheric lenses for biomedical

Blue lensesAspheric blue laser collimating lenses are optimised for 405 and 408nm for biomedical instrumentation such as cytometers, fluorescence detection and high-volume data storage applications.

They are enhanced to provide superior diffraction limited performance and high transmission, without having the expense of diamond machined alternatives.
Additional biomedical, industrial and projection applications that require optics for the OSRAM green diode lasers@ 515nm can also benefit from the space saving technology. Available as components or in mounts, they can easily be inserted to a test optical set up or a production build.
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Fiber optic circulators
CirculatorsAn optical circulator is a three-port device designed such that light entering any port exits from the next. This special fiber optic component can be used to separate optical signals that travel in opposite directions in an optical fiber (similar to the operation of an electronic circulator).

Because of the high isolation of the input and reflected optical powers and the low insertion loss, optical circulators are widely used in advanced communication systems and fiber optic sensor applications. Miniature inline circulators are ideal for OEM applications. They are available with either single mode or polarization maintaining fiber.
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Precision BioLEDs for biomedical
In optogenetics precisely timed and uniformed light is required. The BLS-series precision LED spotlight employs the latest high-power LED technologies and proprietary coupling optics to achieve the best beam uniformity. The light sources are modularized fully-customizable, which can include a proprietary “IntelliPulsing” technology to allow the sources to output significantly higher power in pulse mode than what the LEDs are rated for in CW mode.

A wide range of wavelengths can be selected from 365nm to 940nm plus three temperatures of white. They are also available as fibre delivery configuration.
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Recirculating chillers with cooling capacities of 825W-11 kW
Standard configurable compressor-based recirculating chillers are the ideal solution when precise temperature control or cooling below ambient temperature is needed. These chillers offer outstanding performance and high reliability as well as quiet operation and ease-of-use. Applications include semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, medical and industrial lasers, electron microscopes, analytical instrumentation, printing equipment and more.
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