All in one interferometer, fault locator, laser cleaver at ECOC 2016
All-in-one interferometer, high resolution fault locator, laser cleaver, fiber inspection tools and connector cleaning tools
Fiberoptic Test, Measurement & Production

As usual at the forefront of fiberoptic technologies AMS Technologies will demonstrate at ECOC three new industry developments for fiberoptic test and measurement and fiberoptic production. Visit us at booth 132 from 19th to 21st September in Düsseldorf.

All-in-one interferometer: end face geometry measurement
Norland’s newest development for the analysis of the end face geometry of single and multifiber connectors comes to ECOC. We will demonstrate ease of use of the new GL16: all electronics and software is incorporated in the fully automated instrument, thus eliminating the need of an external computer or manual operator adjustments.

The GL16 supports also recent industry developments such as 16- and 32-fiber MT products and geometry limit parameters. The high speed and high resolution camera provides fast, accurate and repeatable measurements. NIST traceable standards for calibration of system magnification and tilt stage ensure accuracy of all measurements.
High resolution fault locator for last mile FTTx testing
The fault locator LF-120 has been developed for short fiber location applications. It allows approval of the original assembly, preventive maintenance through monitoring of possible degradation and troubleshooting. LF-120 is remotely controlled (Windows 10 tablet PC) via a Bluetooth connection.

Typical applications include short fiber troubleshooting, FTTx drop cable fault location, connector loss testing from the first connector. Moreover, the extremely short deadzones enable localization of events that are often missed by standard OTDRs, such as bend loss detection and fiber break location.
Production tools for Simplex, Ribbon, MT, PRIZM MT and MXC connectors
The LaserCleave™ tools are compact, flexible and easy to operate platforms designed to maximise productivity in connector manufacture. The latest development of the series is the MXC capability, with approval by US Conec for the preparation of multi-row optical fiber ribbons for use in the PRIZM® MT terminations.
The tool is easily configured for multi row PRIZM® MT manufacture using the dedicated fixture which accepts up to 4 ribbons with 16 fibers at a time.
Fiber inspection and connector cleaning tools on our online shop
Did you already know that AMS Technologies has launched an online shop that includes also fiberoptic products? Our portfolio comprehends portable inspection tools for fiber optic connectors in the field and high resolution handheld microscopes that are used to qualify the end face preparation.
We offer also a range of fiberoptic mechanical tools such as strippers, crimpers with fiberoptic dies, scissors, cutters. Our cleaners for fiberoptic connectors remove dust, skin oils and fiber residues from optical connector plugs, adaptors and ferrule end faces using an anti-static microfiber tissue.
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