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V-Groove Assemblies for Arrayed Waveguide (AWG) Devices


OZ Optics V-Groove array assemblies assist in developing next generation photonic devices.

OZ Optics V-Groove array assemblies assist in developing next generation photonic devices. The arrays are manufactured using precision silicon wafer V-Groove technology in conjunction with a Pyrex lid, enabling sub-micron alignment accuracy with UV cure attachment capabilities. OZ Optics also offers pyrex V-Groove substrates.

OZ Optics V-Groove array assemblies are available with singlemode, multimode or PANDA type Polarization Maintaining (PM) fibers. Customization can even include different types of fibers assembled into a single array. PM fibers offer a means to control the polarization of optical signals throughout the system thus minimizing Polarization Dependant Losses (PDL) and Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) effects. This control is crucial in developing high speed 10 Gb/s, next generation 40 Gb/s, and faster systems.

V-Groove array assemblies can be manufactured with a hermetic feedthrough attached. This enables the development of multichannel photonic devices capable of meeting Telcordia requirements. Fiber breakouts can also be added, to convert ribbonized fibers into separated fibers, capable of being connectorized.

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