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AMS Technologies Announces Partnership with Powerlase Photonics


In order to extend its product offering in the DPSS laser range, AMS Technologies has reached a pan-European distribution agreement with the UK high power laser company Powerlase Photonics Ltd. for Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Nordic, Switzerland and UK.

Powerlase Photonics has successfully combined high average power, high repetition rates, and high intensity pulses; a combination not previously available together. Its unique utilization of these product features introduces laser processing into new and innovative applications.

“We are very excited to team up with Europe’s leading solution provider for Laser Systems, a partnership that offers key benefits for our company,” said Karl-Heinz Baldau, Sen. Director of Sales and Marketing Powerlase Photonics.

"Partnering with Powerlase Photonics is a key move as we continue to extend our product portfolio of high power laser system solutions across Europe," said Jan Meise, CEO of AMS Technologies. “With 30 years of entrepreneurial spirit, we provide our new partner with an unparalleled level of technical competence,” Jan Meise said.

Powerlase Photonics is an innovative, independent, high power laser company, focused on powerful nanosecond Q-switched Diode Pumped Solid State lasers developed for industrial applications primarily for use in the materials processing and microelectronics markets. Their leading edge solid-state technology has accelerated the introduction of high power lasers in precision processing applications into a number of industries worldwide. It currently addresses applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Microelectronics, and Flat Panel Displays (FPD).