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AMS Technologies provides the following catalogues free of charge. Download the catalogues as PDF files by clicking on the catalogue title. Should you require additional information that you cannot find on our web site please do not hesitate to contact our sales team

The mAC-C-400-24-KIT mini, compressor-based air conditioning development kit takes over where Peltier isn't powerful enough. It is the ideal base for

mAC-C-400-24-KIT mini Air Conditioning Kit

Compact & rugged compressor-based cabinet cooling system

The mAC-C-400-24-KIT mini, compressor-based air conditioning development kit takes over where Peltier isn't powerful enough. It is the ideal base for creating particularly compact, compressor-based cabinet coolers for cooling capacities up to 400 W. Its integrated controller drives the speed of the miniature rotary compressor to maintain the set temperature to within ±0.5 K.

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Order No. 60
mAC-C-400-24-KIT_-_mini_Air_Conditioning_KIT TM

The compact mDC-T-130-14-KIT thermoelectric plate-to-air cooling unit was developed for precise temperature control of laser diode modules and direct heat transfer to the ambient air. The highly effi cient, solid state unit reaches a cooling capacity of 130 W for 24 VDC supply voltage and +25°C on laser mounting plate and +25 °C ambient temperature.

mDC-T-130-24-KIT Plate-to-air Cooling Kit

Mini direct cooling system thermoelectric

The compact mDC-T-130-14-KIT thermoelectric plate-to-air cooling unit was developed for precise temperature control of laser diode modules and direct heat transfer to the ambient air. The highly effi cient, solid state unit reaches a cooling capacity of 130 W for 24 VDC supply voltage and +25°C on laser mounting plate and +25 °C ambient temperature.

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Order No. 02
mDC-T-130-24-KIT_-_plate-to-air_cooling_kit TM

Small Thermoelectric Coolers

High temperature differences in miniature sizes

Thermoelectric coolers in small to miniature formats are available in single stage and double stage technology. These small TECs combine high temperature differences with high quality and reliability as well as excellent performance characteristics. The smallest versions can be assembled into small sockets and housings like TO-cans or Butterfly.

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Order No. 57 Small_Thermoelectric_Coolers TM

Direct Evaporation

Get rid of your water loop! Two-phase cooling directly with the refrigerant

With the functional principle of Two-phase Direct Evaporation, AMS Technologies is promoting a new cooling approach for use in photonics and power eletronics that offers significant potential savings in installation space, cost and energy consumption. Flexible refrigerant tubes connect the fefrigerant circuit of the compressor directly with the application to be cooled.

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Order No. 52 Direct_Evaporation TM

Axial Fans, Blowers & Impellers

Reliable and high-performance air moving devices

Our wide range of products for forced air cooling include axial fans and blowers both for AC and DC operation. Square, rectangular and round shaped fans are all designed to achieve high air performance, low-noise operation and low power consumption. While axial fans provide large flow rates but just a small increase in pressure, the radial DC “blower” fans as well as EC impellers deliver more pressure but less flow rate – making a DC blower or EC impeller the solution of choice for higher pressure systems.

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Order No. 44 Axial_Fans,_Blowers_and_Impellers TM

Cold Plates

For high watt densities, when air-cooled heat sinks are inadequate, liquid-cooled cold plates are the ideal high-performance heat transfer solution. With its broad range of different cold plate technologies, AMS Technologies meets the most specific fluid compatibility and performance requirements. Friction stir welded aluminium cold plates are suitable for glycol-water and high power semiconductor cooling needs, while press-lock types with copper or stainless steel tubing are ideal for tap or de-ionised water. For special applications, cold plates with vacuum brazing, flat extrusions or pin fins are available.

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Order No. 51 Cold_Plates TM

Recirculating Chillers

Featuring precise temperature control, quiet operation and high reliability, our recirculating chillers range from compact thermoelectric chillers with a cooling capacity of 160 W to a multitude of stand-alone and rack-mount devices based on thermoelectric or compressor engines to very powerful chillers capable of dealing with heat loads up to 95 kW. Beyond the standard versions, a variety of options can be provided for different fluids, pumps, control and monitoring, additional heating and other aspects – all the way to fully customized solutions tailored to your requirements.

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Order No. 47 Recirculating_Chillers TM

Development Kit for Compact Recirculating Chillers

Our mRC-KIT features a sealed vapor compression circuit and a closed, pressurized recirculating water circuit - like a conventional chiller five times the size. On the refrigeration side, a miniature rotary compressor, customized condenser and evaporator are used to reduce size. The speed-controlled, twin pump compressor offers low vibration and low noise. Compact centrifugal pumps and a compact tank on the water circuit side also contribute to the compact size.

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Order No. 46 mRC-KIT_-_mini_Recirculating_Chiller_Kit TM

mLC-KIT – mini Liquid Cooling Kit

Our mLC-KIT is a sealed vapor compression circuit with a speed controlled miniature rotary BLDC compressor, available with cooling capacities of 450 W (mLC-C-450-24-KIT) or 1200 W (mLC-C-1200-24-KIT). The evaporator is a brazed plate heat exchanger, the interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit. The mLC-KIT comes with a separate 24VDC inverter board. The cooling KIT is ideal for compact laser cooling up to 1200 W, for bio reagents cooling, and for for mobile applications (mLC-C-450-24-KIT).

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Order No. 01 mLC-KIT_-_Mini_Liquid_Cooling_Kit TM

Thermoelectric Cooler Modules

Total peltier module range – semi automated to highest efficiency

AMS Technologies has invested into the pickaTEC program offering customers off the shelf availability of a large number of different standard TECs. These preferred TECs should serve for proof of concepts, fast turnaround design ins and smaller volume batches. 

For large volume applications we recommend to call your regional AMS Technologies office, so that we can tailor a solution based on your technical needs.

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Order No. 10 Thermoelectric_Coolers TM

Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning & Lighting systems for Industrial Enclosures

Electronics are sensitive to extreme and fluctuating temperatures. Unpleasant humidity can form, which leads to malfunctions and losses of electrical systems. To avoid this problem, cabinets and enclosures must be air-conditioned. We offer air-conditioning and dehumidifying systems, which operate safely and position-independent also in rotating rotor hubs. Compatible accessories make for a comprehensive  product range. 

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Order No. 11
Climatisation_and_Lighting_Equipment_for_Enclosures TM

Standard Cabinet Coolers

Thermoelectric, heat pipe and vapor compression cabinet coolers with cooling capacities from 30 W to 1KW

Cabinet coolers are the ideal solution to cool and remove heat from cabinets, control panels and consoles. Its technology and design make them especially suitable for harsh environments like food industry or traffi c engineering.
Our cabinet coolers use either Peltier, heat pipe or compressor technology. Internal air circulation and ambient external air fl ow are separated by a hermetical seal. Most of our cabinet coolers are also protected against water and have IP67 (NEMA4X) rating.

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Order No. 22 Standard_Cabinet_Coolers TM

Advanced Water Cooling Systems for Power Electronics

Water Cooling for Power Electronics: High performance at heat source – High reliability in cooling solutions

Our cooling stations for closed loop cooling circuit applications feature high reliability and long maintenance intervals. One of the high-lights is the integrated system check during commissioning or maintenance, that includes preforming and leakage test of heat exchanger and converter. Corrosion is virtually non-existent. This is achieved by careful selection of wetted materials. Corrosion free, clean water and minimal loads on the purification loop have been observed over many years.

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Order No. 31
Advanced_Water_Cooling_Systems_for_Power_Electronics TM

Water Cooling for Power Electronics

High performance at heat source – High reliability in cooling solutions

Power electronics – including higher efficiency SiC switches – benefit from high performance heat sinks. A reduced thermal resistance of the heat sink can be used to increase power output, raise operating ambient temperature or simply extend the life time of the semiconductors.

  • MDT High Power Semiconductor Cooling
  • Popular Snake Channels
  • Counter-current Enhanced Surface Extrusion Cooler Plates
  • Water cooling stations for MV and HV up to 2 MW
  • Compact water cooling stations up to 300 kW
  • Simulation tool for cooler plates and heat exchangers
  • Air Blast Coolers

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Order No. 23 Water_Cooling_for_Power_Electronics TM

Flow cytometry & Thermal Management

Solutions for Scientific and Industrial laboratories

Nothing is standard about your application – AMS Technologies offers customer specific designs to solve unique challenges.

We present our comprehensive portfolio of high quality products we carry for usage in laboratories:

  • High speed Laser scanner
  • Hyperspectral imaging solutions
  • Laser Systems for biomedical and environmental applications
  • Cooling Solutions for bio reagents and liquids

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Order No. 17 Flow_cytometry_&_Thermal_Management OTC/TM


Heat Sinks and Water Coolers 2012/2013

WEBRA aluminum extrusion profiles and friction stir weld water coolers

The heat sinks of our manufacturing partner have become a standard in many industrial applications. Such profiles are safe for a lifetime, as fins and base plate are a single piece extrusion. The heat sinks utilise different surface enlargement geometries to match pressure head and flow rate of fans and blowers. In combination with friction stir welds, widths of up to 1000mm are available.

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Laser Cooling – Precise temperature control and high reliability

Our cooling systems meet the cooling requirements of demanding Laser applications. We offer the entire range of laser cooling solutions including a variety of heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources, the full range of recirculating chillers from 150 W to 90 kW as well as cabinet cooling for laser equipment.


Order No. 04 Laser_Cooling TM

Thermal design

Thermal Design Consultancy

Thermal simulation with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allows the engineer to dimension his system in great detail. Especially in complex systems life and fans and others. AMS Technologies has done more than 230 studies for customers since the year 2000. The flyer gives you an overview about our thermal design consultancy.

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Order No. 13 Thermal_Design_Consultancy TM

Solid State Cooling Systems

Small liquid chillers provide precise, reliable temperature control

Solid State Cooling Systems engineers thermal management solutions for laser, laboratory, medical and biopharmaceutical, LED, the military and the semiconductor industry. Our exceptionally reliable thermoelectric compact and rackmount chillers and temperature control components provide stability and improved performance that enable better results.  

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Order No. 24 Solid_State_Cooling_Systems_TM