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AMS Technologies provides the following catalogues free of charge. Download the catalogues as PDF files by clicking on the catalogue title. Should you require additional information that you cannot find on our web site please do not hesitate to contact our sales team

TETRA - Rapidly Tunable DPSS Laser

Our TETRA rapidly tunable DPSS laser (by Elforlight, part of AMS Technologies) emits visible laser pulses with four different wavelenghts that are particularly suitable for use in life science applications. With a high pulse repetition frequency of 2 kHz, TETRA can switch between these four wavelengths from pulse to pulse.

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Order-Nr.: 54-Rapidly tunable solid-state laser system

Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers

Our comprehensive range of Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers includes CW and q-switched models at infrared, visible and ultraviolet wavelengths. The product range serves the research and scientific community as well as OEM applications, for which the standard offering can be customized into turnkey solutions.

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Order-Nr.: 41-Diode pumped solid state lasers

AMS pulsed fiber lasers overview

Our comprehensive range of pulsed fiber lasers includes femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond versions. The product range encompasses wavelengths ranging from UV to
IR, pulse durations from sub-100 fs to a few ns, repetition rates from pulse-on-demand up to 1.3 GHz and pulse energy from a few nJ up to >400 μJ.

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Order-Nr.: 40-AMS pulsed fiber lasers overview

Laser Systems for Industrial and Scientific Applications

AMS Technologies has a long history of supplying lasers for Scientific Research. These types of lasers are being used for numerous of different applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine etc. We can offer lasers operating in cw and all the way down to fsec pulsed operation.
Industrial lasers for material processing are vital in many production environments. AMS Technologies offers a selection of lasers and laser systems for material processing.

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Order-Nr.: 05-Laser Systems for Industry & Scientific Applications OT

Laser Cooling – Precise temperature control and high reliability

Our cooling systems meet the cooling requirements of demanding Laser applications. We offer the entire range of laser cooling solutions including a variety of heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources, the full range of recirculating chillers from 150 W to 90 kW as well as cabinet cooling for laser equipment.


Order-Nr.: 04-Laser Cooling TM

Laser Diode Management System – Industry’s first customizable standalone platform for laser diodes and associated TECs

Actarus is the industry’s first customizable standalone platform, providing an integrated management system for laser diodes and associated TECs. By allowing independent choices of current ranges, it can easily be adapted towards the application needs and even be upgraded for a different project.

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