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Non-contact Measurement of Vibrations

Compact Distance Sensor for Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0 and IIoT

With the VocalZoom sensor, vibrations – e.g. from machine parts – can be measured and analyzed without contact. The optical measuring method based on a self-mixing laser diode (SMLD) enables the sensor to achieve high resolution and accuracy over a measuring distance of 5 mm to 3 m.

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Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing in mm Resolution

One Optical Fiber Substitutes 2000 Sensors

Fiber optic sensors allow complete measurement of strain or temperature at more than 2000 points along an optical fiber. With extremely little effort, even complex structures, e.g. made of modern composite materials, can be measured, for which selectively mounted strain gauges or thermal sensors cannot provide reliable information.

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Dispensing Units and Accessories

Overview about Dispensing Units and Accessories for Fiberoptics Patchcord Production

AMS Technologies offers a variety of dispensing units with precision fluid control technology, which are suitable for cream solder, epoxy, silver paste, ink, paint, UV resin, industrial grease, instant grease, kerosene, oil, water, alcohol, corn syrup etc.

All parts and accessories for your Musashi dispensing system like syringes, needles, nozzles, plungers, or other parts are available at AMS Technologies.

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Order No. 15 Dispensing_Solutions OTI

Fiber Optic Patchcord Production

Overview about Tools & Equipment for Inspection, Tuning, Measurement, Cleaning and Dispensing solutions

We offer a complete range of fiber optic test and measurement equipment for determining characteristics of both connectors and fibers alike. We are providing fiber inspection tools and handheld testers to troubleshoot the fiber optic infrastructure. The cleaning tools available from AMS Technologies clean the endface with a dedicated microfiber tissue. This material removes all contaminations and secures them. Furthermore we offer Dispensing units and Accessories for fiber optics Patchcord production.

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Order No. 16 Fiber_Optic_Patchcord_Production OTI

Fiberoptic Cleaning & Testing Tools

Overview about cost effective cleaning tools for connectors and adaptors as well as test equipment for fiber systems

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Order No. 12 Fiberoptic_Cleaning_&_Testing_Tools OT

Solutions for discrete and distributed

Solutions for discrete and distributed mechanical and temperature sensors

Components, modules and instrumentation for discrete and distributed sensors covering distances from few meters up to 100 km or more

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