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AMS Technologies provides the following catalogues free of charge. Download the catalogues as PDF files by clicking on the catalogue title. Should you require additional information that you cannot find on our web site please do not hesitate to contact our sales team

Super Water Repellent Coatings

Hydrophobic material keeps surfaces free of water film, ice or snow

The super water-repellent HIREC® coating is a dramatic new concept in the field of water-repellent materials. While traditional waterproofing prevents water from permeating, HIREC® keeps water away completely and also prevents adhesion of snow, ice and other substances.

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Order No. 61 Super_Water_Repellent_Coatings OT

Ceramic Micro Heaters

Up to +1,600 °C in a small, cylindrical volume

The CMH series of ceramic micro heaters provides temperatures of up to +1,600 °C in a very small tubular ceramic heating element with an internal diameter of 2 mm and a length of 19 or 25 mm - ideal for manufacturing tapered optical fibers or optical fiber couplers.

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Order No. 58 Ceramic_Micro_Heaters OT

Optical Fibers

Broad range of waveguides for every application

Our large portfolio of optical fibers - including specialty fibers - spans from just a few meters of highly engineered fiber to several kilometers of SMF-28 compatible material. For a wide wavelength range we are offering single mode fibers, multi mode fibers and polarization maintaining (PM) fibers as well as doped fibers or plastic optical fibers (POF).

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Order No. 48 Optical_Fibers OT

Optical Racks

Comprehensive design services in the optics domain - from concept to turnkey solution

AMS Technologies' "optical rack" concept is our approach to realize custom turnkey solutions combining optical, thermal and electronic technologies to custom system designs. Thanks to design centers in the UK and Poland we deliver engineering services in the optics Domain, ranging from design, prototyping and "proof of concept" all the way to realizing and manufacturing turnkey Solutions.

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Order No. 42 optical_racks OT

Flow cytometry & Thermal Management

Solutions for Biotech, Life Science and Medical Diagnostic Applications

Solutions for Scientific and Industrial laboratories – Nothing is standard about your application – AMS Technologies offers customer specific designs to solve unique challenges. We present our comprehensive portfolio of high quality products we carry for usage in laboratories:

  • High speed Laser scanner
  • Hyperspectral imaging solutions
  • Laser Systems for biomedical and environmental applications
  • Cooling Solutions for bio reagents and liquids

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Order No. 17 Flow_cytometry_&_Thermal_Management OT

Laser Diode Drivers & High Precision Temperature Controllers

Together with our partners we lead the laser control industry by simplifying advanced quantum cascade laser, laser diode, and thermal control for demanding electro-optical OEMs and researchers. Our partner delivers for over 20 years instrument-level performance in small, cost-effective modules. Ultra-stable, high precision quantum cascade laser drivers, laser diode drivers and temperature controllers are available for a wide range of applications.

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Order No. 07
Laser_Diode_Drivers_&_Temperatur_Controllers OT/TM

Precision Molded Aspheric Lenses

Standard Aspheric Designs for Easy Integration

Aspheric lenses are known for their optimal performance but the expense of fabricating them has inhibited their use. Our partner’s glass molding technology has enabled the production of high volumes of aspheric optics while still maintaining the highest quality at an affordable price. 

From concept through prototyping, volume production, and global distribution, AMS Technologies has the optical knowledge and manufacturing expertise to be your optics partner every step of the way. 

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Order No. 08 Precision_Molded_Aspheric_Lenses OTC

Solutions for Research & Scientific Applications

Light Sources, Fibers, Optics, Optomechanics, Accessories, Receiving, Interrogating, Measuring, Cooling ... of light

Our broad knowledge and strong comprehension of the scientific and research community, together with our long-standing presence in the field, allow us to provide our customers with high quality products for specialised applications, for example in the fields of laser atom cooling and trapping, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman spectrometry, quantum cascade lasers (QCL), matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI), light detection and ranging (LIDAR), optical coherence tomography (OCT), life sciences, nuclear physics and many other innovative applications.

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Solutions_for_Research_and_Scientific_Application OTC

Fiberoptic Cleaning & Testing Tools

Overview about cost effective cleaning tools for connectors and adaptors as well as test equipment for fiber systems

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Order No. 12 Fiberoptic_Cleaning_and_Testing_Tools OT

Optical Adhesives

Strong bonds to glass, metal, ceramics and plastic
Gluing is an essential technological process in many industrial technologies. The state-of-the-art adhesives are especially designed to meet the wide range of applications, while highly specialized. They are simplifying bonding processes, guaranteeing high processing speed combined with high reliability.

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Order No. 09 Optical_Adhesives OT

Speciality Lighting

Next generation LED modules and Light Engines

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Avalanche Photodiodes Silicon and InGaAs

Products for Laser Guides, Measurement Systems, Metrology & Bio Medical

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Light Delivery Systems for Optogenetics – MIGHTEX Product Catalog and Selection Guide 2013

Optogenetics is a technology that allows targeted, fast control of precisely defined events in biological systems, by delivering optical control signal at the speed (millisecond scale) and with the precision (cell type–specific) required for biological processing. Our supplier Mightex has developed a range of Light Delivery Systems for optogenetics, as described in our new brochure "Light Delivery Systems for Optogenetics".

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Laser Diode Management System

Industry’s first customizable standalone platform for laser diodes and associated TECs

Actarus is the industry’s first customizable standalone platform, providing an integrated management system for laser diodes and associated TECs. By allowing independent choices of current ranges, it can easily be adapted towards the application needs and even be upgraded for a different project.

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